New Schedule = Adjustments

Since McKenzie started school there have definitely been some adjustments going on in our house. First of all, she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of weekends, and it’s particularly confusing since her 4K schedule is Tuesday-Friday (12:07-3:17…how random is that?!). She gets really disappointed on the days she doesn’t have class. Also, until now she’s been a regular napper…minimum 2 hours/day. So we still have her nap on the weekends, but not on school days. It’s less than ideal, especially since school starts at her nap time…I really wish she were the morning class! How do I resolve this issue without waking her up ridiculously early? I’m not sure there’s a good solution. Although, on her “school days” she goes to bed gloriously early.

Anyhow, we walk to school since it’s so close (literally less than a ½ mile away). Which means I walk about 2 miles a day to drop her off/pick her up. Unintentional workout. Score! Haha. I usually bring one of the dogs so they get some exercise too. McKenzie loves to walk them, and it’s adorable.

Yesterday, I watched our friends’ 5-month-old identical twin boys for 6 hours while they were in work/class. It was so fun! Exhausting, but fun. How are miniature people so tiring? I guess I forgot. But it was SO cute to see McKenzie interact with them…she’ll be a very good big sister someday! It was adorable to see. She went and got her books and started reading to them…well maybe not reading, but making up stories to go with all the pictures, which is pretty darn cute anyway. =)

Confessions of a Netflix Junkie.

About a year ago, we decided to cancel our cable. We didn’t watch it enough to justify spending $70+ dollars a month, so we decided to give Netflix a try…and we love it! ((We use the streaming version through our blu-ray player.)) And the best part is that we’re still able to watch our favorite shows on network TV. It’s how I unwind after everyone in the house is asleep. Not gonna lie, I’m a Netflix junkie.

Another reason I love Netflix is the iPad app. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been allowed to sleep in because we turn on Netflix for McKenzie and let her watch a Sesame Street while we catch a few more Zzzzz…sometimes that extra hour of sleep on a Saturday is heavenly! Or taking the iPad into the bathtub and soaking while watching my favorite shows…equally heavenly!

Since I’m such a fiend, I thought I’d give you my top 10 picks for Netflix TV shows (in no particular order). Believe me, we’ve watched many more, but these are my faves. Please feel free to tell me any good shows I’ve missed, I’m always looking for more!


  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Madmen
  3. White Collar
  4. Luther
  5. The Kill Point
  6. Gossip Girl
  7. Vampire Diaries
  8. Weeds
  9. Lost
  10. Dollhouse

Kiddos (Preschool/Kindergarten)

  1. Sesame Street…can’t beat the classics!
  2. Arthur
  3. Curious George (I am actually entertained watching this!)
  4. My Little Ponies
  5. Dora and/or Diego
  6. Martha Speaks (I love the “word of the day” theme.)
  7. Angelina Ballerina
  8. Dinosaur Train
  9. The Laurie Berkner Band (2 different song/dance shows on Netflix.)
  10. Super Why

You might notice that many of the kid’s shows I’ve listed are PBS Kids. That’s because PBS Kids rocks. They are often gender-neutral, light-hearted, with great life lessons and educational messages. Oh, and if you have an iPad, PBS Kids has an app. *amazing* I highly recommend it.

One more thing: I don’t like to use the words “hate” and “children” in the same sentence…BUT I hate the children’s show Caillou. His voice is constantly set on “whine” mode, and anytime he doesn’t get what he wants, he whines and cries until his parents give him what he wants. Gee, that’s exactly what I want to teach my kid…not.

And you know what’s funny? You know you don’t have cable when…your kid asks you “What’s a commercial?” Haha, yup. *pats self on back* One less way the media influences my child. Netflix 1, Cable 0.

Jesse - September 18, 2012 - 8:49 am

We love “Word Girl” for kids too. My husband loves “Flashpoint,” and I’m a “Supernatural” fanatic =) thanks for the show recommendations! I’m a Netflix junkie too!

Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog - September 18, 2012 - 11:00 am

Thanks for sharing! I’ve thought a couple times about getting Netflix instead of cable. Do I really need 150 channels when I watch approximately 5 of them? Anyway, I’m loving How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory right now – good for lots of laughs!

Liz @ TheLambentLife - September 18, 2012 - 11:31 am

Yes! We cancelled our cable about 8 months ago and it’s wonderful. We bought a digital antenna for around $20 so we still get network television and watch everything else on hulu and netflix (which is far superior to hulu, if you ask me). E has figured out how to use our Wii remote, too, so she can start her own shows if I’m in the shower. Score!

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My bright-eyed girl.

Oh, McKenzie. You light up our lives. Your bright eyes and contagious smile make us complete.

This picture reminds me of why I bought my camera in the first place. When McKenzie was a baby we used to go to Sears Portrait Studio to get her photos done. They were nice enough, and we were happy with them because they were our beautiful baby girl.

One day, though, we went and not only did they make us wait 45 minutes past our appointment time, but the photographer told McKenzie she was being “bad.” Um, yeah. Never call my kid bad. I wanted to smack her. Just sayin’. And if she had bad behavior, maybe it’s because we waited nearly an hour past our appointment, and it was her nap time. (And for the record, she wasn’t being bad, she just wasn’t looking at the camera).

After that little incident I decided I could do better myself. And I do. This is my McKenzie…it’s her. It’s her personality captured perfectly in a photo, and this is what I aim to do with all my clients. But I guess it was a good thing in the end, because it gave me the push I needed to start my business. No more Sears for us. =)

Find beauty in the ordinary.

All too often we forget to take the time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. “Busy” has become an accomplishment, rather than something to avoid. We’re working so feverishly toward our goals that time flies by, and a year passes in the blink of an eye. We get lost in the monotony of the day-to-day routine, and we forget to slow down and actually enjoy the present (myself included).

This is one of the many reasons why I love photography. One instant, frozen in time. I usually prefer portraits, but I think these photos are particularly beautiful (I took them January 2012 on a trip to California). I love the feel, the texture, and the color. These objects are so ordinary that the beauty lies in their simplicity.

Row boat in Dana Point, CA harbor.

A backyard orange tree.

A wet dock.

Moss in the backyard.

A hair dilemma.

I have straight hair. Very, very straight hair. So straight that if I curl it (even with hairspray), it’s flat within 10 minutes. Imagine my surprise when my daughter has fluffy, curly hair. What do I do with that? Curly hair does run in my family (my sister & dad) and on Jon’s side too, so I wasn’t horribly surprised.

First thing I did was ask my sister what to do. She told me 1) never brush her hair unless it’s wet because it separates them, 2) get layers in her hair because it brings out the curls, and 3) use product for curly hair! Well, I’m still not good at it, so inevitably I always just put her hair in a ponytail. Which I do very well, if I do say so myself. But the day I snapped these photos (when we were in California) we left it down. It was pretty, but I did break rule #1, and you can tell. See what I mean when I say fluffy? I just wound her hair around my finger when it was wet to accentuate the ringlets.

And I didn’t realize how red it looks until I saw these photos! She got this horse with a Barbie for her birthday and she was very proud it…I love how she’s trying to ride it (in the above pics). She wouldn’t part with it for days! Not even on the airplane ride home. =)

Her outfit was under $15:

  • Shirt: Target, $7.99 (unusual for me, because I never buy her new clothes!)
  • Jeggings: Target, clearance $3.98 (they’re one size too small, so I turn them into capris by rolling them up once)
  • Shoes: Old Navy, thrifted $1.99 (I threw them in the wash and they look brand new!)