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Prepping for Father’s Day

Kids say the darndest things. My favorite so far this month is, “I love Daddy so much. He’s handsomer than any animal.” What? Maybe she was just being goofy on purpose, but she’s said some really weird stuff lately! I actually started a Google Doc just to have a record. For Father’s Day I gave […]


So I’m switching hosts.

Due to the aforementioned blog makeover, I need to switch hosts. This might affect how you follow my blog, so please be sure follow me there! My web address will stay exactly the same, “”, but the “follow” button just might not work for your reader here on WordPress. =/ is a separate website […]


Baby Boy News & A Blog Makeover

Alrighty, so Baby Boy did not want to cooperate at his 20 week anatomy scan yesterday…he was head down with his face pointing toward my spine.  Although, in traditional boy fashion, he was not shy about showing off his ‘boy parts’ again. So that’s confirmed. I tried everything to get him to move, but he […]