The new year has been off to a great start. Good weather for the most part, and I love that the kiddos can be outside almost all year ’round here. McKenzie has finally mastered bike riding! So that’s been a really fun first with her. And her “two front teeth” are still nowhere to be found.

The holidays were great, Nina and Jennie came for a visit. That was nice! For Christmas for the kids we got a year-long membership to Marbles Children’s Museum in Raleigh, so we’ve also be frequenting there. It’s about an hour away, but it’s a really fun day-trip!

January has been especially awesome because of my Starbucks Holiday tumbler (free brewed coffee or tea every day in January!)…it was a gift from my close friend for Christmas, and I’ve used it literally every day this month! I feel so energized. [[Insert witty coffee meme here.]] Every morning I grab a coffee before heading to the gym, it’s part of my routine. And then I call my friends while I drive there. =)

I also got my old job back! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to work remotely from home. It’s a balance for sure, but it’s nice to be able to contribute financially. And if anything, it makes my time-management even better. Hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start!