Horsing Around.

Horse Riding1A couple days ago McKenzie got to ride her first horse! Our wonderful friend, Krystal, was kind enough to bring us to her barn, and give McKenzie a lesson on Snickers, the mini horse! She was amazing with McKenzie, and said that she was very natural and intuitive around the horses. There was not a saddle for Snickers, so she got to ride bareback. As Krystal said, if you can ride bareback you can ride with a saddle!

HorseRiding2McKenzie LOVED every minute! She got to learn technical skills (like directing the horse), and basic horse safety. For example, say to their side so they can see you, and never stand behind a horse. After her lesson, she even got to brush him and walk him around! He was not “broken,” so it was also great practice for Snickers.Horse Riding5There were also 4-week old kittens at the barn, and McKenzie was in love with them. She took the opportunity to name them: Dime, Troublemaker, Nosey, and Mittens. All-in-all, McKenzie was very excited to put her cowgirl boots to good use! It was an amazing afternoon, spent with wonderful friends and animals!