Summer’s around the corner.

The weather has been interesting! 4 snow days within the past month, and yesterday was 83˚ outside. I’ll take it! In the spirit of summer, I preemptively purchased a water table for the kiddos. It came just in time for the warm weather! I’d been using a makeshift tote full of water and toys. The kids loved that too, but this is much easier!WatertableCollage

In other news, I just got a gym membership with one of my BFF’s here. Our sons are the same age, and they play really well together. We’ve been going to classes in the morning, and then coming back to the house (either hers or mine) for the boys to play and us to work. It’s been great! Anyway, the gym is ridiculously nice and has a spa-like feel. Steam room, whirlpool, pool, cafe, daycare, etc. I’ve been working with a personal trainer the past month, too, and I’m happy to say I already see results in my muscle tone. Win!

We also had a wonderful visit from Nina last weekend. We had fun going out to eat yummy food, going to the dog park a couple times, and playing Cards Against Humanity. McKenzie and Bennett loved seeing her! McKenzie was especially sad to see her go. ninaCollage

And I also wanted to mention that Winston’s been such a fun addition to the family! He’s so goofy, talkative, cuddly, and outgoing. He walks around the dogs without issue, is so calm even when Bennett harasses him, and loves to cuddle up on our laps. He really loves to be around people. ♥winston Collage

Dana P. - March 13, 2015 - 10:29 am

So happy to see you are doing so well!! :)