Meet Winston!

Meet Winston (or as Jon calls him, “Kitty Winston”), the newest addition to the family! We picked him up on Valentine’s Day. ♥ It might seem like it was out of nowhere, but I’d been thinking about it for awhile. I’ve never had a cat.

We were initially thinking of getting a kitten so it wouldn’t have any bad habits, but when we found Winston we  Jon knew he would be a great fit for the family (he instantly loved him).

He’s 5-years-old, and the sweetest cat ever! He’s great with dogs and kids. We rescued him from Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, a no-kill shelter here in Fayetteville. His previous owner passed away, but it was a “hoarding” situation: he was one of 27 cats and 6 dogs—so he’s no stranger to living with other animals. He couldn’t care less about Logan and Cali sniffing around, which is great! Although, they’re a little jealous. He’s also very outgoing and social, and already uses his litter box like a pro (no accidents!). He happily cuddles and purrs in our laps for hours. Just today, I found him snuggled under the blankets on McKenzie’s bed. I could be happier with our choice to adopt an older cat! =)