Bennett is 1½!

It was Bennett’s half-birthday on Feb. 6th—I can’t even believe he’s 1½! He’s getting so big. *tear* I think this age is a lot of fun, though. He’s learning everything so quickly! Some of his favorite things to do are:

  • Push cuddles the monkey around in a stroller
  • Play with big sister, McKenzie
  • Copy Momma & Daddy
  • Cause trouble
  • Bring people their shoes and try to put them on
  • Help throw things away in the garbage
  • Cuddle his Georgie Bear
  • Read Curious George. Over. And. Over.
  • Point at birds

He’s also gotten very good at making animal sounds (ie: What does a dog say? Woof Woof! What does a horse say? Neigh!). He also likes to point to body parts and say them. (In the pic below he’s saying “belly button.”)

We had his 18 month appointment last week and he was 31¾ inches long and 22lbs. He’s 50th percentile for height, 15th for weight (still adjusting for his 6 weeks prematurity). And sometimes I swear he looks bigger when he wakes up from naps! The other day he slept 13 hours. I wish I could do that. He has 4 teeth on top + two of his top molars have popped through, and two teeth on the bottom. He’s such a smart, fun little dude—but he’s a handful. He likes to break stuff and make messes. All boy.


McKenzie also rocked her “Bat Project.” She had to present her diorama in front of the class. She knew all her facts and scored 33/30, getting all her extra credit! She did it all herself, we were so, so proud of her. ♥ They even put it on display near the front entrance of the school! Did you know North Carolina has 15 species of bats?

zPicMonkey Collage

Jon and I also discovered that our neighbor’s daughter is a wonderful babysitter, so we took full advantage and went on a date this weekend! =) We found a new-to-us, delicious restaurant here in Fayetteville. SO. GOOD. Our new fave for sure. The atmosphere was fun and young, there was a live band and everything. The food was delicious and fresh. We had fun just talking and hanging out! I definitely foresee many more dates there in the future. Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Weekend!