Merry everything.

We are staying home for the holidays, no travel for us. McKenzie is beyond excited for Christmas this year! She’s at the age where Santa is ridiculously magical and amazing. And Eddie (our elf on the shelf,) and Monty (his reindeer pet) are so much fun for her. It’s also hilarious, because Bennett equally enjoys Eddie. He walks around and points excitedly at him every morning. =) I hope we have another year or two of the magic. I asked her if she’d rather see Santa or go get some cupcakes, she just said, “Santa is the best treat in the world!” Love it!

So yesterday we went and visited my friend at work—we just hung out with her and painted some pottery. McKenzie loves her, and we’ve only seen her a couple times since her husband returned from Afganistan (understandably!), so it was a treat to catch up. We’ll also be having Christmas Eve at their place, baking cookies  for Santa, and enjoying some homemade Alfredo while watching Elf. Perfection! Jon actually didn’t take Christmas leave and got stuck with “duty” (24 ‘watch’) on Christmas Eve. Boo. But on a good note, he’s saving a ton of leave days and has half-days all break. As for Jon’s surgery last week, he’s recovering from Lasik well! He can see great! No glasses or contacts  for him anymore. Very exciting, thanks Army. =)

And Bennett is still a bitty monster. He’s incredibly happy, and incredibly busy. He now walks around saying “What’s that?” and babbling and labeling everything. He says Momma, Dada, Baba (bottle), book, dogs, ouch, uh-oh, aye-yo (hello), and a bunch of other words I can’t think of right now. He still using sign language mainly: “more,” “please,” “book,” “food,” “bird,” and “diaper” are the ones he uses most now. And he points at EVERYTHING. I can ask him if he needs a new diaper and he’ll nod “yes.” He also loves music and dancing, and has mastered the stairs (both ways). It’s a fun and exhausting age. We’re off to see Santa!

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Angie - December 23, 2014 - 8:47 pm

Have a fantastic Christmas!!!!