:: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ::

Decorations are up and Eddie the Elf is back! He has a new friend, a reindeer named Rexford (aka “Rex”). Even Bennett loves him this year. He walks around and finds him and points enthusiastically,  it’s pretty adorable. But the other day he touched him! McKenzie was devastated…but we gave him a candy cane to restore his magic and sent him back to the North Pole to get a check-up. *wink*


And the other day we went to a farm and saw some horses. McKenzie was ecstatic. She’s been doing really well, she read her first Berenstain Bears book “The Spooky Old Tree.” It has a fun plot and the words are at her level. She even asked to read it twice, which was awesome!


Bennett is loving baths in our new kitchen sink. The house is sloooowly coming together—everything is in its respective room,  so I consider that a win. My lovely sister (& family) are coming to visit after Christmas, so I’m sure we’ll have an organizing spree before they come.


Here’s a pic of the formal dining room turned “library,” I’m in love with this room! It’s so relaxing to sit in there and the chairs are super comfy. The pictures on the wall are Nobel Prize winning scientists, love that.


On another note, Jon is getting Lasek Eye surgery tomorrow for those of you who didn’t know. Wish him the best!