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Here are some updates from the past couple weeks:

1. I got a haircut/highlights. This hasn’t happened in awhile. My wonderful friend, Callie, watched Bennett so I could get it done while Kenzie was at school. I felt spoiled! =) Along those lines, I’ve made some amazing friends here. We have lunch and girl’s nights all the time. They’re all a lot of fun, and I love them all! NikEdit1

2. I love my job. I got a new position, so now I’m a scheduler and I’m training this week. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home (like, seriously…I can nurse Bennett while I work), and being able to help contribute financially to the family is great. It also keeps my  brain busy. Anyway, I had to get a new computer because the scheduling program doesn’t support Macs. I got an HP touch-screen laptop from Best Buy, and I like it so far.

3. Kenzie had her first soccer practice last week! Daddy was the coach, and will be coach again this week. The regular coach is out-of-town for work.ZFirstPractice

4. Bennett is getting so big. He toddles all around, it’s adorable. His favorite words are ball and balloon. And “nom nom” for food. He got his 2 front teeth last week, they’re still not all the way in yet (so he’s been a crabby sleeper). He’s also been working on using a fork, and he’s really getting good at it!BigB

5. We were supposed to close on the house TODAY. But OF COURSE it fell through. We’ll close on Friday pretty much FOR SURE, but still. Honestly, it has been such a pain to deal with Well’s Fargo (the bank for the Short Sale). If I banked with them, I would switch out of principle. I’m trying to get everything squared away to have the floors done, fencing, and curbing done. Our lease is done Nov. 30, so we’ll have to be moved in by then. Friday for sure!

Hope all is well with you, friends & family!

Karen Nelson - September 16, 2014 - 5:39 pm

Nicole your picture is beautiful. Who took it for you? Great cut and color. The kids are growing so quickly. Bennett looks like fun as was his dad. How long will McKenzie’s soccer last? So nice Jon had the chance to so a little coaching with her. I bet he laughs a lot in his head because they are so adorable at that age…..chasing the ball.
Thanks for keeping up the blog….

Angie - September 16, 2014 - 8:20 pm

Your hair looks amazing!!! It’s great you’ve made such good friends there – it’s so important to have that girl time without kiddos around.
Good luck with the house on Friday – my fingers are crossed for you!

Nicole | Life So Lovely - September 17, 2014 - 7:32 pm

Thank you! How are you liking your new house?! I wanna see pics!

Just trying to get everything lined up for the house! We need so much done right away before moving in!

Nicole | Life So Lovely - September 17, 2014 - 7:33 pm

Thanks Karen, I took it with my phone. =) They are getting big fast, I’m not sure how long Kenzie’s soccer lasts. Jon is having fun with it!