Birthday Boy! ((And early-birthday girl.))

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for Bennett’s party last weekend! It was packed with over 20+ people! We actually ran out of food, I felt kinda bad. But there was plenty of dirt cake for all. Yum. Bennett’s cake turned out amazing, but it was almost too dense for him…so he noshed on dirt cake. And a spoon, he was obsessed with the spoon.

I’m behind on writing thank-you’s, but we also got some wonderful cards & gifts in the mail for our sweet boy…thank you, thank you! They’ll be out by the end of the week. =)

I just can’t believe he’s one! My sweet preemie boy. He had a doctor’s appointment and he’s still on the small side. 5% for weight and 30-50% for height (and yes, that’s adjusted for his prematurity, so he hasn’t caught up yet). He’s walking, though! It’s adorable. And he’s 100% on track developmentally. We got him a Little Tykes fire truck and it’s one of his favorite toys, he likes that it has a handle and the button to push is great.

And McKenzie got to open an early birthday present from Aunt Jessica…holy cow, she’s obsessed with My Little Ponies! She plays with them daily. We also took her into the doctor to have a follow-up for a persistent cough. They think it’s asthma or allergies, so she had blood work and a chest x-ray to confirm or eliminate. I called this morning and there’s still no word—and the cough is still here. I’ll let everyone know how that goes. ((UPDATE: It’s viral bronchitis/walking pneumonia, she will be getting a “z-pack” and we’ll see how that works)).

And STILL no word on the house. It’s a back & forth, they’re not budging on their “fair market value” price and had us add an amendment. I’m over it. But we really like it! It’s a tough one.



Brown Alison - August 20, 2014 - 4:05 am

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.The baby is so adorable and I must say the party looka awesome.