It’s been awhile.

We’ve had a busy few weeks since school got out! We just got back from a Madison/Minnesota trip. We had SUCH a great time visiting friends in Madison. McKenzie was absolutely thrilled and played non-stop for 3 days.  She was exhausted! Our swimming buddies were gracious enough to host us, and offered up their basement suite. She’s been asking to see them ever since we moved, so she was over-the-moon!


After that, we drove to Minnesota to meet Mark Monroe, the newest addition to the family! He’s so handsome, and such a good baby. I got to do some newborn pics, yay! McKenzie and Abbey had fun playing on the trampoline and (mostly) got along! Bennett was very curious about the baby. As for Bennett, my sweet little prince has TWO teeth now. The traveling was pretty smooth for having the two kiddos by myself. McKenzie got airsick (threw up) on the first flight, so that was no bueno, but the rest went well.


We have some sad news as well. The day we got home, one of our poor chickies was snatched by a hawk! At least, that’s our only conclusion. She just vanished. Poor Hera (she was Jon’s). We went out and got two more girls this week, their names are Anna (gray, Easter Egger—lays blue eggs) & Elsa (blond, Buff Orpington). Here is a picture of McKenzie with the new little girls, and another of our new coop!10495698_10103281727668327_6257987627326222204_o10368340_10103277070511307_2361300452422334641_o


Flora & Penny (the older chicks) have stayed more separate from the newer girls, but they’re pretty close in age. They’re super low-maintenance, and really interesting little creatures. They go up in their coop at night all by themselves. We’ve started giving them mealworm treats, and they’ve become much more friendly. Like everyone, the way to their hearts is through food, I guess!

I’ve also been very busy with my new work-from-home job. It’s definitely not easy with two kiddos running/crawling around! But I’m very grateful to have such a laid back job, and I love my time at home, however “busy.” I can’t believe Bennett will be ONE, one month from tomorrow! My baby will be a toddler! ='(

P.S. STILL no word on the house, we *should* know something by next week, but the closing date would now be July 30th at the earliest. I’m getting irritated/anxious! But it’s a short sale, and those are never straightforward!

Angie - July 15, 2014 - 7:32 pm

Congrats to your sister and her husband!
You do such a good job braiding McKenzie’s hair – impressive! Finley’s hair is starting to fill in but only enough for one barrette.

Raine - December 2, 2015 - 4:31 pm

Heather, I love your Emerson quote, Every artist was first an amatuer. A friend, who also attended the conference, and I were just talking about that subject. In any creative endeavor, periods of verbal self-flagellation are inevitable. When I was painting, we called it the Uglies. That term still works in my writing. I force myself to work through it. Writing everyday (with occasional exceptions) is a rule. I put pen to paper, or fingertips to keys for at least an hour. That usually turns into two or four. My mantra is Just do it. (By the way, I used that term before Niki!)