End of Kindergarten

IMAG3355Today is McKenzie’s last day of kindergarten! I guess yesterday was the last full day, but school’s out for the summer as of 12:55 this afternoon. Oh boy! I sent her in with two plants—one for her teacher & co-teacher, and had her make cards that read: “Thanks for helping me grow!” and she colored pretty pictures to go with it.

Yesterday, Bennett and I joined her class for the end-of-year ice cream sundae party. Yum! She loved seeing Bennett and me in the classroom, and B was definitely a hit–we were surrounded more than once with exclamations of his adorableness. Anyway, it was fun to see the kiddos get sugar-high and dance to music and play musical chairs. Her teacher also played a cute slideshow she’d put together for the class of photos throughout the year. Her school has TONS of assemblies—drummers, dancers, Chinese Acrobats, SWAT units, canine units, etc—so it was really cool for me to see the stuff she’d been up to while at school in addition to the classroom routine.

Last week was their last “Award” ceremony, and they performed 3 songs before the ceremony. They sang one completely in Chinese, and it was crazy to hear how good they all are! Their accents are excellent. During the ceremony, McKenzie got two awards—an Accelerated Reader award and the Principal’s award. Both are for academic achievement, so I’m extremely happy that she caught up with her peers. Jon and I are still uncomfortable with her being the youngest in her class (she won’t be 6 until August), but ultimately we want her to be challenged. ((P.S. See those sparkly TOMS McKenzie’s sporting? Only $10 from a local resale shop. And Bennett’s Converse All-Stars were $3.50. Ama-ZING!))


Summer break should be interesting with my new full-time work-from-home position. It’s pretty stressful making sure I’m getting all the interview calls done on time, but I’m compensated very fairly. I can’t complain.

And our chicks are doing great! They’re getting so big! I can’t wait til we have a coop, they’ll be a little more hands-off then. It’s so funny how they all have their own little personalities already. Penny (mine) is very sassy, Flora (McKenzie’s) is very friendly and doesn’t mind being handled, and Hera (Jon’s) is timid but sweet. Speaking of coop, there’s still no word back on our short-sale offer—but we’re supposed to hear later in the week. The “not knowing” is driving me nuts, our expected closing date is only 35 days away!

In baby news, Bennett turned 10-months-old on Friday. He got his first tooth, and he’s still cruising everywhere, walking along all the furniture. I’ve been giving him some Ibuprofen before bed, and that seems to help with the pain at night. He’s otherwise very happy and crawls around contentedly, exploring while I make calls for my new job.

And in even more exciting baby news: IT’S A BOY! My sister and her husband welcomed my new nephew, Mark Monroe, on June 8th at 5:12pm. He’s named after my dad. ♥ He was 8lbs 3oz, 20.5 in, and he’s absolutely perfect. He’s a great mix of them both, and is nursing like a champ already. They’re being discharged from the hospital today and I can’t wait to meet the little guy soon!