The chicks are here!

10257899_10103185879314197_1009073408586544460_o-1On Saturday, we drove to CaroKen Farm about an hour away and picked up our little ladies! We each picked out our own chicks & named them. It was a package deal, and they came with a brooder, food, heat lamp, feeders, and bedding. They’re fluffy and adorable, and McKenzie is SO happy! She loves them. Their names are—clockwise from top-left—Flora, Hera, and Penny.

Flora is a Welsummer, picked out and named by McKenzie. Hera is a Gold-Laced Wyandotte, picked out and named by Jon. And Penny is a Cuckoo Maran, picked out and named by me.

Now I’ve gotta start planning their coop! We’ve been trying to handle them a lot so they’ll get used to us. =)

P.S. Still no word on the house, hopefully we’ll hear soon!