Bennett is 9 Months Old. And some Kenzie too.

Bennett was 9 months-old yesterday—how is that possible? Seriously? Slooooooow down world. Anyhow, he had his 9-month check-up. He was 16lbs 3oz, 27inches. He’s pretty small (even accounting for his preemie status), but he’s starting to make larger weight gains now that he’s eating solids.  I had a phone consult yesterday with a Nutrition Specialist at Duke University. She said he should have more carbohydrates but is doing well with his food intake, so that’s good news. She was impressed that he’s eating so many finger foods without teeth (still no teeth yet!). That’s my boy!

Right now he loves standing, solid food, any toy with wheels, and being outside. He’s been sleeping in his crib for a couple weeks now, and it’s heavenly! I just lie down on the floor in his room when he wakes up to nurse during the night, and put him back in his crib right away. It’s great to have our bedroom back.

I took these 9-month pictures yesterday. I just love this little face of his. He makes this expression ALL. THE. TIME. It’s sorta his signature old-man look. I also love this one of he & McKenzie. She is such an amazing big sister. She adores him, and he adores her. And doesn’t he look a lot chunkier than last month’s pics?!B9monthsKenz&B9months

This amazing big sister had “Field Day” at her school today, which is basically a fun day of outdoor activities. The weather was 85° and sunny—she was slathered in sunscreen from head to toe. I went for 2 hours before lunch time and watched festivities, while wearing Bennett in the Ergo. She was so happy to have us there, and kept coming to give Bennett & me kisses. She was really proud to show off her little bro, and it was pretty freakin cute! She’s the one in all blue. Most of the events were relays, so it was really fun to cheer her on! ♥

Angie - May 8, 2014 - 2:15 pm

Love the pictures! It’s great to hear both kids are doing so well!