Spring Fun

IMG_3046This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous outside! Jon was working, so I had no idea what to do—then one of my FB friends posted a link to this DIY Water Blob (it’s painter’s plastic melted together with an iron). I was already planning on running some errands, so I picked up all the supplies ($15). It took me about 30 minutes to iron it all together, and another 20 minutes to fill it. I also added some blue & green food coloring to give it the pretty color. It was definitely a hit, the neighborhood kids had a blast! It kept them all entertained the entire afternoon. Seriously fun! I added a sprinkler to keep it nice & wet to prevent any friction-burns or the plastic from overheating.

My only suggestions would be to move it at night time to prevent killing the grass, and use a thicker plastic with older kids…all the jumping caused weak spots that eventually sprung leaks. I patched with duct tape as needed, but it was irredeemably broken by the end of the weekend—that said, we got a good 2-days of heavy use! Well worth the money spent. We will definitely be doing it again this summer. Even little Bennett got to try out his baby swim trunks for the first time, (after it popped  I let him splash around in the water—despite his seriousness in the pic, he did squeal with delight and have fun).IMG_3111

Annnnd today McKenzie let me take some pictures of her after school. Don’t her eyes just pierce you? She seems so knowing. Anyway, I love when she’s a good sport, she’s a lot less cooperative now that she’s older. I get the classic, “Mommmmmmmmaaaa, whyyyyy?” Haha. Along those lines, within the next few weeks I’ll be taking the first steps to make Nicole Kuehl Photography an official LLC. So exciting! Kenzie (1)

Angie - April 17, 2014 - 7:39 pm

Your kids are so gorgeous! Congrats on the future LLC – that’s a big step,

[…] saw this idea recently and luckily a friend had just tried a water blob with wonderful success so we gave it a […]