Bennett’s Surgery

Yesterday was Bennett’s surgery. Daddy was supposed to come, but he ended up getting a really intense stomach bug and was not feeling well at all. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be the wisest to bring a sickie to the children’s hospital. So McKenzie, Bennett, and I headed out at 5am to make it to Duke Children’s Hospital for a 7am check-in. Both the kiddos slept the whole way, thank goodness.




The drive was 1hr 45min, plus I added time to get from the car to the surgical waiting area. We got there right on time and checked in. About 7:30 they took us to his pre-op room and we got him all dressed up in his gown and a nurse took his vitals. He was adorably fascinated with the stick-people on his tiny gown. An anesthesiologist came in, had me sign some consent forms, and gave me the run-down of what they’d be doing. Apparently it’s standard procedure to intubate infants under anesthesia (place a breathing tube down the throat), which I didn’t realize. My mom had that done while she was very sick, and it’s just awful and uncomfortable. My poor baby. After the anesthesiologists left, Dr. Weiner came in and explained the procedure to me again, and the anesthesiologist carried Bennett back to the operating room (about 8:30). He was getting pretty crabby by this time, because he hadn’t been fed since 2:30am.

McKenzie and I went and got breakfast at Einstein Bagels, then we went back up to the waiting area. McKenzie did amazingly well, and chatted with some family members of other patients waiting for their children’s procedures to be over. One family had brought this monkey for their granddaughter (also 5), which McKenzie had asked for at Christmastime. They were kind enough to let her play with it, and she was obsessed. She made it very clear that she wants it for her birthday! She only watched about 30 minutes of the iPad, which is pretty impressive considering the procedure was about 3 hours long.


Recovery Room

They called us back to go to recovery when it was all done. My poor baby was pretty out-of-it. He was whimpering and doing this really heartbreaking, raspy cry (from having the tube down his throat). I’m pretty sure there’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. I cuddled him, but he was clearly very uncomfortable—arching his back and grabbing at the surgical area. They gave him another dose of Fentanyl (which, according to Wikipedia, is approximately 50-100 times more potent than morphine—wow), so he relaxed after that. They had me give him some sugar water, and then nurse him since he was able to tolerate that. I think the combo of the anesthesia and sugar water upset his stomach, because he vomited all over me. It was SO much, it covered the entire front of my sweatshirt and his entire head. It was in his eyes, all of his hair. Poor baby. He was getting pretty mad again, so they gave him one last dose of Fentanyl and I played his favorite song for him—“Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. He calmed down pretty quickly. We cleaned him up and got him ready to go. They gave me his discharge instructions and we started the 2-hour drive back home. Again, they both slept most of the way, and I was utterly exhausted, too.

He is on Ibuprofen every 8 hours and an Oxycodone suspension (3x stronger than Vicodin) every 4 hours as needed. He slept amazingly well last night, probably a combo of the pain meds and being exhausted from the procedure. He’s pretty loopy from the pain meds (wandering eyes), but I can tell he’s hurting because he moans in his sleep. Oh, sweet boy. He should be fully recovered in 2 weeks they said, so we’ll be taking it easy. Thanks so much for all the kind words and well-wishes, both via Facebook and text!

Jessica Kennedy - March 27, 2014 - 10:05 am

That monkey is seriously creepy. Glad he’s doing well =)