Per requests: An update and pics of the cuties!


We’ve been lucky to have Jon around a lot lately, so we’ve been soaking up the Daddy-Time, grilling out with friends, and enjoying some nice weather here in North Carolina! I found a park with a 1-mile paved path that I really enjoy walking every day, and it’s been nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Bennett loves it too, I can tell he’s just taking it all in.1899303_10102984548203357_152899923_o

As for Bennett he’s been doing awesome lately: he’s sleeping much better, sits 100% unsupported, and is almost crawling! I’ve always given him tons of “tummy time,” and now he’s up on his knees rocking and forcing himself forward across the floor. It’s not quite crawling yet, but he definitely scoots himself forward—he scooted about 10 feet to me yesterday, He sort of does a push-up, pulls his knees under, and flops forward. He must be really sore from doing all those push-ups! Seriously. But once he figures out the arms, he’ll have it down. Oh, and yesterday he pulled himself to standing on his Bumbo. Both Jon and I saw it, and we were shocked/impressed! He’s only 7-months! I’m scared to have a mobile baby, though, because it means baby-proofing and being vigilant about  keeping McKenzie’s little toys in check. Lately he’s also going crazy for solid foods. I feed him finger foods already, known as Baby Led Weaning, and he’s doing awesome. He chews up his broccoli, apples, strawberries, cucumber, etc, and his pincer grasp is getting really good from feeding himself twice a day. He used to gag a lot at first (which is pretty scary sometimes), but now he’s pretty much got it down. I do give him a jar of apples/apricots here & there to help him “move” in the bowel department.

We also saw a pediatric urology specialist in Raleigh (aptly named Dr. Weiner…not even kidding!), and Bennett is scheduled for surgery next week. It will be an outpatient procedure, but I’m still pretty nervous to have him go under anesthesia and be cut open, no matter how small/minor it is. Fortunately, Jon will be off work the day of the surgery ,and 1 or 2 days after so I won’t have to take care of him alone. I foresee lots of snuggles for our Bitty Boy.

McKenzie is also doing pretty well. One of her teachers told me she’s “hilarious” which is always fun to hear. She’s still having a little trouble adjusting at school. She prefers her neighborhood friends and plays with them every chance she gets! She also got a new bike because they lost her old one during the move. She’s doing really well learning to ride, I’m actually quite impressed with how quickly she picked up biking and rollerblading.IMAG0691IMAG1061_1

I also made an art display wall in the kitchen for her. She’s been coloring a lot lately, and a lot of her drawings are hilariously detailed & creative (ie: penises and all). She’s also a huge helper with Bennett—even when he pulls her hair, licks her face, and gouges her eye (see pic).IMG_2002For me personally, I’m meeting some really great people! Yesterday, I met another photographer momma in the area for coffee, and picked her brain about starting an LLC for my photography, and the current photography market in the area—I’m really considering stepping-up my photography business, which is exciting! The weather is beautiful today, and I’m going on a walk with my lovely friend, Grace—and tomorrow she’s hosting a little fiesta we’re going to (sans McKenzie). Tonight, I’m having my first girl’s night (without kids) and getting some drinks with another friend. So I have a lot of new things going on personally and professionally, and I’m feeling much better about our future here for the next couple years. Bennett is also sleeping and napping much better (in his swing), which makes my life (and sleep) a lot better. Phew! I think that covers most of it? Thanks for the emails & messages everyone, I’ll try to post more often. ♥

P.S. I have been better about cooking lately! This Chicken Pot Pie recipe is awesome, and this Baked Gnocchi Chicken recipe is delicious!

Anna - March 21, 2014 - 10:51 am

Sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself busy:) that’s great!

Angie - March 23, 2014 - 9:51 am

So happy to hear about all the awesome things going on in your life! Keep the posts coming :) The baked gnocchi recipe looks super yummy!