How can he be a 7-month-old already?

1939615_10102961446818717_1371427847_oBennett turned 7-months old yesterday. Granted, February is a short month, but he’s growing fast! And isn’t that picture fantastic?!  It absolutely makes me melt. Bennett is a pretty happy baby, and Jon is such an amazing daddy—this photo captures all of that. I love it. If there is one pic that captures our life right now, this is it.

Anyway, 7-month-old Bennett’s current likes include: solid foods, playtime, bath time, long walks in the Ergo, Sophie the Giraffe, and cuddles. He is also incredibly ticklish, and giggles like CRAZY when he’s tickled—like, super-adorable belly laughs. He is also very long (about 28 inches), but still skinny at 15lbs. He doesn’t look skinny or anything, just not chunky. I’m not concerned. He’s in 6-9 month clothes now, 9 month onesies, and skinny jeans from the girl’s section are the only jeans that fit right (pictured below…but those are 9-12month, and I think they’re actually super cute on him). He also sits like a champ, and is working on crawling. He does full push-ups, and in the past few days he’s learned to tuck his legs underneath him by himself. I’m getting closer to having a mobile baby, which means all sorts of fun new challenges. Like baby-proofing.

His 7-month dislikes include sleeping at night, loud noises, and being alone. He has been sleeping like ABSOLUTE SH*T. I honestly don’t remember the last time I slept more than 3 hours straight. I’ve got him on a more regulated nap schedule per my last post, but now his night sleeping is ridiculous. He goes to bed around 8pm, wakes up at 1am to eat, wakes up at 2am kicking & flailing, 3:30am kicking & flailing, 4am kicking & flailing, then 6am and is wide awake wants to play, so I feed him until he falls back asleep until 7:30am when we wake up for McKenzie to go to school, then his first nap is at 9am. It is a nightmare. So unfortunately, his nap “schedule” isn’t translating to more sleep for me.1655792_10102961446808737_710210953_o

Per suggestions (I’ll try anything at this point!), yesterday after he woke up at 1am I fed him and then put him in his own crib, unswaddled. He screamed for almost 3 hours. It was not successful. The first hour, I let him try to settle himself and put his nuk in when he needed it (I could see him on our video monitor). After about an hour of screaming, I fed him again and he fell asleep nursing in my arms (in his room). When I tried to put him down in his crib, he woke up again and started screaming. So then I swaddled him, thinking he just startled himself awake, got him back to sleep, set him down, and he started screaming again almost immediately. This cycle went on until about 3:45am, when I chalked it up as a failure, took him back in bed with me, and we were both asleep within minutes. SOOOO that is not working for me right now. I don’t care if he’s in bed with me as long as I’m getting sleep, because I can’t function being awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night.


Co-sleeping makes breastfeeding at night so much easier, and getting him to sleep in his own room wasn’t one of my goals anyway. Different strokes, I suppose. My guess is that he was genuinely super-scared of being alone because he always sleeps with us. I think it’ll take some time (and I do want him to sleep in his own room eventually, honestly), but I’ll ease into it with naps in his crib first. Regardless, it was quite an ordeal and I’m exhausted. Tomorrow night, I’m going to try to dream-feed him milk from a bottle when go to bed, and hopefully I’ll get a couple more hours that way (since he’ll be full when I go to bed). I’m just going to try something new every night until I find something that works.

As for McKenzie, she is finally adjusting to her new school and seems comfortable there. She is quickly learning all the sight words she’s supposed to, and catching up academically. She doesn’t seem quite as overwhelmed (either way, though, she will be re-doing K5 next year). Every night when we read books I give her one word that she has to read throughout the whole thing, and I’ll stop on that word every time we get to it. She also reads 5 pages of Harry Potter every night with Daddy. This week at school they celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with “literacy week” and had fun reading-based activities and silly dress-up days each day. Today it ended with Pajama Day, which was always my favorite as a kid.

In other news, we got our “settlement” for damaged/lost goods while moving. It wasn’t much (overall I was very pleased with the movers in that regard), but enough to buy McKenzie a new bike since they lost hers, and a new high chair for Bennett so he can join us at the table. I originally had registered for a Space-Saver High Chair, but I’m not sure it’s safe with bar-height chairs. The center of gravity being higher and what-not. So I’ve been needing/wanting a new high chair for awhile. As for eating, he loves solids and I like to give him real foods—we do a combo of baby food/Baby Led Weaning. I did BLW with McKenzie and it was great, and she didn’t even have her first tooth until after age 1. They both seem to love apples. =)

Anyway, that’s life lately. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, it’s supposed to be 65°+ here. I wanna venture to the beach one of these days.

Rachel - March 7, 2014 - 1:01 pm

I’m so sorry about the not sleeping….with expecting my first, everyone keeps telling me that’s what I get to look forward to… I’m leaning towards room-sharing versus co-sleeping I think. A bassinet/playard next to the bed for easy breastfeeding, but not actually in the bed. Maybe that’s something you can try? Slowly move it further from the bed to transition to the crib? I’m not a mom yet, so feel free to ignore me :)

Nicole | Life So Lovely - March 7, 2014 - 1:14 pm

Thanks, that’s what we do! For the most part it works well. I have his swing & rock n’ play next to me and he always does his first stretch in one of those…after he nurses, he usually just stays in bed because I fall back asleep while he’s eating. I’m sure we’ll get this down eventually. Blah. Just lots of daytime naps for me in the interim!

Angie @ Pint of Goals - March 16, 2014 - 8:38 pm

Ugh, I completely feel for you. It gets to be so wearing to not sleep well. Even with naps during the day, it’s not the same. I hope the dream feed worked. I still dream feed Finley right before I go to sleep. We had two really tough weeks of sleeping, but we did one thing that I think helped; I switched up the nighttime routine to be bath, nurse, books, and a brief rocking. Before I had been nursing her almost to sleep. Not sure if that makes sense for you, but I thought I’d share :)
It’s a good thing Bennett is so adorable! I can’t believe how long he is! Finley is 27.5 inches, but she’s almost 23 lbs :)