Still adjusting.

1490714_10102914720992647_628544242_oI’m slowly adjusting to life here in North Carolina. I’ve been here about two months, and Jon has been away training 1/3 of that time. Needless to say, it’s pretty lonely and I get stir crazy with just me and the kiddos, especially being in a new place. I’ve been lucky to have a visitor (thanks Kim!) and make some great friends, so I try to keep my days busy-ish with that. I had lunch at a yummy Italian place with another wife today, which was really nice.

I drop-off and pick-up McKenzie from school every day. The move has obviously been hard on her, too—the school is far more advanced than she’s used to for kindergarten (too much, if you ask me). I think we’ll be holding her back next year, which we wanted to do eventually anyway. With her birthday in late-August, she’s the baby of the class, and I think there are more benefits to being older. I never want to feel like she’s struggling, though, because I think it’s so important to associate positively with education. Plus, I think an entire year difference between some of her classmates doesn’t help. She’s also sad that she doesn’t have a “best friend.” I just don’t think she feels like she clicks with the kids in her class, so hopefully a new year and new class will help her assimilate.

735659_10102907480063527_388400075_oIn the past 3 weeks, McKenzie’s had 8 Snow Days—meaning the students literally missed more school than they attended. If you haven’t been watching the news, the South has been getting slammed with snow & ice. Basically, the whole state shut down. It’s nuts! She had a lot of fun playing in the snow, though, and our little Wisconsin girl was definitely the most prepared out of her neighborhood friends attire-wise. They had multiple hot cocoa dates after long stretches outside, and warmed up to a Disney movie here and there.

As for Valentine’s Day, McKenzie woke me up by presenting me with a beautiful card that she’d made and hidden from me. She knows I love surprises! It was adorable. She truly has a heart of gold. And I’m all about building traditions, so I decided I want to get her a small gift for V-Day every year & make heart pancakes, like we did when I was little. [[I think traditions are especially important for military families because they’re the constant, despite all the change.]] For her, I had a Valentine’s card made for her with our pictures on it, and she loved it. She also got two matching babies for the little unicorns she got for Christmas in her stocking, Magic and Wishful. I had to special order them from Mrs. Claus. *wink* She screamed when she opened one of them, but because of the weather & President’s day, we’re still waiting on the other—but I foresee awesome imaginary playtime with them!


On Valentine’s Day she also got to meet my friend Mallory’s adorable new puppy. And in the evening we went out to dinner with my other lovely friend, Grace, whose husband is also away training with Jon. Unfortunately we tried Crazy Fire, a Mongolian Grill that looked pretty good. But while the company was great, the wait in  line was atrocious. We literally waited for 30 minutes to have our food grilled. Not cool.

Anyway, Jon comes back on  Thursday. Hopefully that will help quell my general sense of malaise of late. How can I be unhappy with such amazing little kiddos? But like anything, I need to focus on myself and all else will follow. More on that in my next post. Gotta be proactive.

Angie - March 13, 2014 - 10:45 am

I’m so behind on my blog reading, and I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for weeks. It sounds like since this, you’ve found some lady friends to hang out with. I’m happy for you, and hope you continue to settle into your new community! You are missed here – I drive past Pancake Cafe and thought of you :)