Apparently it’s cold or something.


He was a little monster today, don’t let his adorableness fool you.

I guess it’s cold outside or something. My facebook feed is full of negative numbers. Even here in North Carolina they’re expecting single-digits tomorrow, so McKenzie will be starting school 2 hours later. It’s a pretty big deal. {{Wisconsinites insert laughter here.}} Although, I can’t say I’m jealous. It’s supposed to be 57° again here on Friday.

Anyway, Jon is away this week and Bennett was a fussy little punk today. I don’t know if he’s teething or what, but he was pretty inconsolable and cried most of the day. So that was fun. I hope he gets over that soon. Also, I took him in to the doctor this morning because I’ve been worried about his weight gain…he’s only gained  7lbs since he was born. He’s 5 months old and weighed 12lbs 7oz at his check-up today. The doctor said he’s doing great though and maintaining his curve, so that’s good. It’s so hard not to compare your kids with other kids, but I was relieved to hear he’s on track still. It was reassuring. As an aside, the doctor was nice but the office was a little ghetto. I might try to find a different place. There wasn’t even a computer in the exam room…isn’t that pretty standard nowadays?

After that, I stopped by my new friend Mallory’s house. She has an adorable, red-haired little man about a month older than Bennett. I talked her ear off and we agreed to do our hair and makeup and take some pics of each other. I’m looking forward to that. Sometimes being a Momma sucks the life out of ya, and I certainly feel a lit older than 27. Blaaaaaah. So stay tuned for some glamour shots. *wink*

This will be McKenzie’s first full week at her new school and she already has an invite to a birthday party. She’s also made pretty good friends with the kids across the street and they play all the time. It’s an open door policy, and they run from house to house. She’s in heaven! She’s such a great little helper, especially when I’m overwhelmed with Bennett (which has been a lot lately since he’s cranky and hasn’t been sleeping the best). She’s got the most awesome sense of humor, too. The other day she started dancing to the rhythm of the pump like a robot, then she rocked out on an air guitar–all of this after she tried “helping” me pump by squeezing my boob. Silly princess.

But to all my Wisconsin friends: stay warm up there! Whip out the hot cocoa, snuggle under some blankets, and watch a good movie. I miss you all!

Angie - January 7, 2014 - 8:27 pm

Sorry to hear Bennett has been difficult :( I’m happy to hear you and McKenzie already have made friends!
We are staying warm here…however, I have not left the house since Sunday for lunch. Yup – going stir crazy.