“Hi, my name is Studmuffin.”

Sweet Boy

Behold: Studmuffin!

Recently I was reading up on the “milestones” for a 5-month-old, since Bennett will be 5 months on Monday (January 6th). Anyway, it said that he should know his name by now. I’m always a little confused about the ways he’ll be “on track” or “delayed” since he was a preemie. Anyway, so of course I called his name right away, “Bennett, hey Bennett!” His Daddy was holding him at the time, and he didn’t even flinch. So I said his name again. And again. That sweet little boy would not look my way. Of course I’m thinking, “Oh crap, he doesn’t even know his name. I thought he was doing so well!” Then I said, “Hey Studmuffin, my sweet little handsome boy.” He whipped his head my way so fast! I was relieved. SOOOO my sweet baby thinks his name is Studmuffin. The end.

And I know I mentioned it on Facebook, but I’ve been MIA because my sister, bro-in-law, and niece came for a surprise visit (and it was also Jon’s last few days of leave). Honestly, I can’t believe that Jon, Jessica, and McKenzie kept the surprise, but in retrospect, I can see little hints here & there! Jessica is a notoriously horrible secret-keeper. For example, on my 6th birthday when she told me ALL my presents. And I love surprises, so I cried. But I guess that was 20+ years ago so I should give her a break? We all had a really great time, though! On New Years Eve we went to Raven Rock State Park and went on a hike. It was fun, and I took a lot of pics so I’ll upload those in a later post. At night on NYE we did a 3-course fondue, consisting of cheese, steak & shrimp, and chocolate. Jessica made some amazing dipping sauces for the meat. If you haven’t done fondue at home, it’s really fun. Any-who, Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions?

Angie - January 3, 2014 - 2:33 pm

He IS such a stud muffin! How nice of your family to surprise you – I would’ve cried too :)