Still settling in.

Jon is officially on Christmas leave until the New Year. We’re still settling in, but the house isn’t completely put together yet…we still have the bedrooms to do. We wanted to do the living room first and make it feel like a comfy place to relax. I really love how the house is coming together. I like the house a lot in general, and we’ve met a lot of neighbors. There are tons of kids in the area, which is amazing for McKenzie. And one of our neighbors brought me a giant bottle of Riesling. She’s a winner for sure.1487925_10102757990856097_1563179380_oWe bought and decorated a tree right away, too! McKenzie had a lot of fun being a little helper. This is how she would hand me the ornaments:1495121_10102755926802477_1968242190_o

She started school last Thursday, and Friday was only a half day. The school seems more rigorous academically than her previous school. They only have 1 recess, and according to McKenzie there’s less playtime during the day. They also have assigned homework for the week and “spelling” tests every Friday. Not sure how I feel about that, but I”ll make sure she has lots of imaginative/outdoor play at home. I wanted a great school for her, but I also want her to be a kid. Anyhow, she hated her first day. She was understandably “shy and nervous.” I felt really bad. But I wanted her to get her feet wet before the Holiday break, rather than dreading it for 2 weeks. She’ll love it in no time, I’m sure (I hope!).

The weather has been pretty amazing here so far. That’s a plus in my book, but everyone says it’s not the norm. The past week it was in the 60’s almost every day, and today it was nearly 80°. We’ve been enjoying the outdoor time by rollerblading and kicking around the soccer ball outside with some of McKenzie’s new friends. The forecast indicates the 40’s for the rest of the week though. Still better than Wisco, I’ll take it.


Bennett has been a little angel lately. He is nursing 100% like a champ, and has been for about 2 months…this was such a huge victory for us, and I’ll dedicate an entire post to it in the future. It took 12 weeks for my lil preemie, but we did it. =) He’s so much fun now, too, laughing and giggling all the time. He’s an all-around happy little baby. And he is OBSESSED with standing up. If you try to set him down he’s not a happy camper. I got him an Exersaucer, but his little legs still don’t touch the ground, even on the lowest setting. He’ll get there though. And we have all been enjoying our time with Daddy very much, it’s like we didn’t skip a beat. Jon is slowly learning Bennett’s cues, and it’s amazing for me to have my partner back. And it’s so profoundly adorable to watch Jon with his son. I would have him help feed Bennett more often, but my back up supply of frozen milk (about 100 ounces) melted in the roof rack on the way here. *facepalm* But I can tell that Jon is feeling more at ease with him every day. How could you not love this little face?!887128_10102754918498127_1173492125_o

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! And to our friends, we didn’t have enough time to do a Christmas Card, but be on the lookout for a New Years card. ♥

And a serious question for those of you with babies…do you actually get them stuff for Christmas? Bennett has tons of hand-me-down toys, and his closet is full of clothes. I just figure I’ll let the relatives spoil him. =) I got him nuks for his stocking, but that’s it. I figure I’ll get to spoil him later?

Heather - December 22, 2013 - 9:59 pm

We got Piper a few gifts from “santa” so it seemed consistent for Sophie.

Nicole | Life So Lovely - December 23, 2013 - 7:56 am

Makes sense! I sort of explained that one away though with, “his elves know he doesn’t really need toys yet.” Haha…

Angie @ Pint of Goals - December 23, 2013 - 8:44 am

Your family room looks great! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house (if you’re planning on showing pictures).
McKenzie looks so happy on her rollerblades! I’m sure she’ll get used to her new school and make lots of new friends quickly.
We did get Finley Christmas gifts because our family members don’t really spoil her and are planning on giving her money for her college savings account (which is awesome).
Happy holidays!!!