Settling in.

It’s Thursday. We’ve been here almost a week and I officially know my way to Target, Wal-Mart, and the grocery store without GPS. Although, I couldn’t tell you the names of the roads to save my life.

The movers brought all our stuff in yesterday & assembled the beds. Other than that, the house is in absolute disarray right now. Unpackers are coming today and will unpack everything, then haul all the boxes away. And we also get the internet today!IMAG3464

I’ve also been getting deals on Craigslist like a boss. I scored a brand-new looking (and functioning) front-loading washer/dryer for $500, and the pair was originally almost 5x that. Oh the joy of living near a military base with a constantly moving “transient” community, if you will. I also found a like-new crib for Bennett since he has his own room now! It was $150 for the crib/mattress set, originally $480 for both. I’ll save a pic of that for when his nursery’s done. =)


Overall we’re settling in nicely. McKenzie will start school sometime next week. Whenever I get arond to finishing up her enrollment packet.

karen nelson - December 12, 2013 - 5:46 pm

Where is Eddy? I can’t wait to see everything set up. I’m sure you are all excited.