We’ve arrived!

After a very long 16-hour car ride with two kids and two dogs, we’re finally in North Carolina! I have never actually been here (other than our quick weekend trip to Charlotte in September), and it’s pretty intimidating moving across the country to a city you’ve never lived in…Fayetteville in this case. Not gonna lie, I was absolutely HORRIFIED driving from picking up our keys from the rental office to the house. There were beggars on most corners and trailer parks EVERYWHERE. Not to sound like a judgy bitch, but I’m honestly just not used to that. Now, I’ve never lived in the South before but I was a little thrown-off by that atmosphere. I’m hoping this is an anomaly. I’d heard Fayetteville was crappy, but I guess I’m more used to city-like cities. I’ve always lived in big-ish cities.

Anyway, our house is super nice! And I’ve come to realize that even though the city isn’t the best, we live in an extremely nice area. In the 11th hour we signed a lease on Wednesday and arrived 2 days later (yesterday). 3 bedrooms, 2 baths + finished bonus room in the attic. Hardwood floors, fenced in back yard, huge master bath and walk-in closet. It’s also at the corner of two cul-de-sacs, and there were a lot of kids playing outside, so I’m hoping McKenzie will fit right in. =)

Our stuff won’t get here until Wednesday, so we’re making due with what fit in the car. We bought a new air mattress for ourselves, McKenzie has a cot, and Bennett has his Rock n’ Play. We won’t have the computers/internet until our stuff arrives, so I just have the phone for now. Basically, don’t expect a ton of new updates til then! My hands are tired from typing. ;)IMAG3343IMAG3376IMAG3388IMAG3414

Pam Velguth - December 7, 2013 - 1:01 pm

That is a really pretty house. Jon looks thrilled to be with everyone. Ya know, every city and town no matter how big or small has it’s rundown area. You’ll make friends and it will be great!