I mentioned in my last post that we’re moving soon…but apparently it’s going to be MUCH sooner than I thought! The good news is that we got the house that I thought was “the one!” It has everything on our wishlist except wood floors (but it also has extras, like a fitness center & pool!)  I’m really excited about that. It was quite an ordeal, though…when we found out the new timeline, I overnighted the application and the $300 “holding fee” via UPS (the holding fee ensured that we would be guaranteed the property, provided we were approved). I was running around with my head cut off the whole day getting everything ready! The application, cashier’s check, proof of income, etc. Blah. The next day, I found out that 4 other people had viewed the property this week…but we were the only ones to submit the holding fee, so WE got it. Phew! The real kicker is that neither of us have actually seen the inside yet (he did a drive-by), but Jon will be doing a walk-through on Sunday. Hopefully it looks as good as the pics. Things seem to be falling into place, and my inbox is full of inquiries for our condo, so hopefully that’s taken care of soon, too.

Here’s a preview of our future home, ain’t it purdy?! And anyone who talks smack about living in the ‘burbs obviously doesn’t have kids…because when you do, everything you do is for them, and it’s nice when they can play outside by themselves, or ride their bike in the driveway, or play with their dogs in a back yard without being snatched up by a stranger or accosted by a weirdo. Which is also nice for me because a) I don’t have to worry about those things, and b) I don’t have to accompany her everywhere. That’s something McKenzie’s never been able to do living in our condo, so as excited as I am, I can’t wait to watch her blossom in our first home. Oh, and I also got a little emotional thinking about how Bennett will probably take his first steps here. Cheers to building memories. ♥newhousekitchenkitchen2playground


Mallory - November 23, 2013 - 2:47 pm

Yay!! Its gorgeous! I can’t wait (:

Angie - November 24, 2013 - 7:29 am

You’re going to love having so much space inside and outside! I’m super jealous of the milder temps of your new state – you get to miss the horribly bitter WI winters :)