It’s gettin’ real! We’re moving soon!

So Jon has FINALLY completed all his training and finished the try-outs! In my first post after he left, we’d learned that he’d be gone for 23 weeks. And I thought that was a long time! Well, that 23 weeks (6-ish months) turned into 35 weeks (8 months). Basically longer than his deployments as a Marine (aside from the worrying part). It sucked. But that’s the Army, I guess. Anyhow it’s been such a long time, and we really can’t wait to be together again as a family…hopefully before Christmas! [[Insert fit of joy here!]]

We’ll be moving to North Carolina for about two years while he undergoes training to become an Engineer. When he’s finished with that, we’ll move on to a more permanent duty station. We don’t have an exact timeline, but that’s the plan as of now. I listed our condo on Craigslist for rent, and I’ve been scouring management companies near Fort Bragg. I’m super excited to pick our next place! It’s gonna be such an upgrade. I want: 3 bedrooms + bonus room, 2 baths, fenced-in yard, and a playground for McKenzie. It’s going to be so nice for her to go play in the yard whenever she wants! And to let the dogs out a door, instead of leashing them and walking them around! I think we’ve found “the one,” so I’m going to apply ASAP! It’s all coming together. =)

I know a little lady who’s excited to see her daddy again, a little man who’s excited to get to know him, and a wifey who’s excited to have her partner back. ♥

collageknbAlso, can you tell who’s who? McKenzie was 3 months old in the picture on the left, and Bennett at 3 months old on the right. I almost can’t tell them apart! And as you can see, Bennett has lost a lot of his luscious locks. As another aside, there’s an awesome deal right now on…5 free baby leg warmers, and $2 thereafter, using promo code “thanksgiving.” Shipping was $12. It’s a steal! And as you can see, I like putting ’em on Bennett. =)


joanharvest - November 21, 2013 - 11:01 pm

I was googling Hunter Huntress boots and that led me here. I read your love story and it is just beautiful. I live with my daughter,her husband and their two children, Lilah who is 4 and Silas who is 20 months. I take care of the kids everyday while their Momma and Daddy work. I am a very lucky Grandma. I want to buy those boots for my daughter for Christmas and now that I have read your recommendation I think I will buy them for her. I have a blog but I am too busy with the kids to write too often but tonight I have really enjoyed my time here. You have a wonderful family.

Nicole | Life So Lovely - November 22, 2013 - 12:19 pm

Oh thanks so much Joan! You certainly are a lucky grandma! I’m sure she’ll love the boots. =)