McKenzie’s First Field Trip & Other Tidbits

I was able to chaperone McKenzie’s first field trip last week, which was a half-day visit to a local dairy farm. We got to milk a cow! We also got to pet calves, lambs, hens, and feed goats. Oh, and she got to pick a pumpkin too! It was a busy day, and it was fun for me to see her in her element with friends. The black cat in the picture followed us around the whole time! Later that night was the Halloween Dance at her school (since they’re not allowed to dress up at school on Halloween—LAME!). Anyhow, she was a bride and wore a flower girl dress, and I made a headband-veil and bouquet of flowers wrapped in tulle. It turned out really cute! I’ll post pics later. =) There are other exciting new developments in our family too:

1) Bennett is 100% breastfeeding! This is HUGE for me/us! I didn’t want to jinx it, but he’s been doing it a whole week now. I think we’ve got it! I’ll write a post devoted to this soon. I’m so happy! It is SO much easier than pumping.

2) I’m considering cloth diapers, which is something I never thought I’d say—BUT Bennett only poops once every 10 days, and I think it might make sense for us. (No, the pooping thing isn’t the ‘norm,’ but it’s not unusual either.) Plus I could dress him in babylegs every day (or make my own). Adorbs! I think I’m going to go with GroVia Hybrid Cloth because you can just change the soaker pad and use the same cover, or use a disposable insert. And they grow with the baby. My sister let me try a few different types, and this seemed the most comfortable. Cloth diapers also have a very high resale value, so that’s pretty great, too. We shall see? I haven’t decided 100%

3) Jon started Special Forces Selection yesterday. Yikes! I need to re-watch “2 Weeks in Hell” on Netflix to see what he’s going through (it’s a documentary about Selection), but I’m pretty sure he’ll only get 3 hours of sleep a night for the next 3 weeks. Poor guy. I can’t wait to hear from him on November 15th to see if he was selected! I’m incredibly proud of him either way. We’ll probably get to move around the beginning of January. =) On to the field trip pics: