A Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend.

My time with Jon always seem to fly by wayyy too quickly, but we had a great time just being together alone with Bennett. For me, it was amazing to see Bennett and Daddy connecting. Jon had the magic touch with him, which is great because I was nervous that he would cry when he held him—Baby B is with me 24/7 and doesn’t really like to be held by anyone else (which of course I didn’t realize until someone else tried to hold him). Maybe he sensed my happiness about being with his daddy-o. =) I can’t even describe the feeling of seeing “my boys” together, it was amazing.

And our hotel was really nice. We had a gorgeous downtown Charlotte view, and it was centrally located near lots of restaurants and shops. We had a fun time going out to eat and napping with our lil’ man in the room—and we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. I love that show! I thought the finale was fantastic & wrapped everything up nicely, but Jon’s only in season 3 so I won’t spill the beans.

And Bennett was a GREAT traveler. He only cried for about 30 seconds to the end of one flight (out of four), and I popped a bottle in his mouth and he calmed down right away. Here’s how I managed flying with a 7-week-old by myself: I took a stroller to the gate, then put on the Moby Wrap (here is the YouTube video for the “Newborn Wrap“)—it was wonderful to “wear him” on the plane! We both slept, and I felt really safe having him secured to my chest. I really credit the Moby for his calmness and willingness to sleep. We hit turbulence at one point, and he didn’t budge, and I was practically hands-free getting on the plane!

And then there were these people with their dog in a stroller—they were being SO rude to the gate agent, it was ridiculous. And when I saw that it was a dog in the stroller I nearly peed myself. Hilarious. They actually boarded during the pre-board with the elderly/handicapped/children-under-two crowd. Whaaaat? Some people, goodness. And what is that? A BOB for a dog? Look, it even has cup holders! That’s hardcore. Bahahaha.

Anyhow, we really missed McKenzie (we felt like something was missing the whole time!), but I don’t think the bonding experience with Bennett would have been the same if she’d come along. We were comforted knowing that she had an amazing weekend with Papa and Grandma! She tried out the rollerblades she got for her birthday for the first time, and I hear she did a wonderful job! She had a great time hanging out with them. So we all had a fun weekend! We probably won’t be able to see Daddy again until Christmastime, and I’m sure Bennett will be a lot bigger by then. Hopefully we’ll be able to move soon after that and live together as a family again.

**The dairy-free diet seems to help with Bennett’s issues, but now he hasn’t gone poo in 6 days. I called the doc, and they said that’s in the normal realm for breastfed babies. Weird! I guess I’ll just keep it up and sloooowly re-introduce things and see how he handles it. I still have tiny bits of butter, and he seems fine with that. And today I bought lactose-free milk and it’s pretty good—I honestly couldn’t tell the difference (other than it’s double the price, blah). I’ll keep everyone posted on that!