Our Gorgeous Birth Announcements!

I just had to share these! What better way to showcase our handsome new addition than some gorgeous birth announcements?!? I’d been planning Bennett’s newborn photos since I was 5-months pregnant, so naturally I was excited to put the birth announcements together. I chose to go with Tiny Prints birth announcements because they did such a nice job with my baby shower invites—plus, the designs are adorable & the card stock is very high-quality. As an added bonus, they usually have promo codes with up to 20% off, so they don’t break the bank either.

Anyhow, there are so many cute designs it was hard to choose (and check out my post 10 Tips for Stunning Newborn Photos & Birth Announcements to see some different designs, too)! Here is our first version (below). It was square, so they have a cool option to get rectangular envelopes so you don’t have to pay for extra postage—I thought that was a nice touch. Isn’t it adorable? It almost looks like he’s waving. =)And yes, I said “first version”—I made 2 different ones! I originally ordered 30, but when that wasn’t enough I ordered 15 more with a new style. I’d taken a few more photos, too, so I wanted the option to have a couple more pictures. I love how they both turned out, they are so cute they’re frame-able if you ask me. =)

As for our Little Princess, she is adjusting really well to all the changes lately. Between a new baby brother & starting K5 full-time, she really has a lot on her plate. She’s loving school. I think I already mentioned that she has her own locker this year. And they now have gym, art, and music class! Gym is her favorite (skipping around to music), and she likes chasing boys and playing “kitty” at recess with her friends. Anyhow, I wanted to do something nice for her to celebrate the beginning of school, so I got her this super-cute, personalized notebook. I used photos from her first day of school this year—her “5” hand is for K5 if you didn’t catch that. ;) She loves it, and I love that she uses it to practice the letters and numbers she’s learning in school!

Angie @ Pint of Goals - September 22, 2013 - 4:19 pm

What a sweet gift idea for McKenzie!