Newborns are hard work. Not “difficult” per se, but they are tiring to care for. My life can be organized into 3 hour increments: change diaper, feed, burp, continue feeding, baby sleeps, repeat. Then there’s the endless laundry and dishes/washing of bottles, courtesy of the never-ending eating, pooping, and spitting-up. And then there’s dropping McKenzie off at school & picking her up (I’m so thankful to have 1-on-1 with Baby Boy during the day). And the doctor’s appointments. And napping when I can. Oh goodness. Because being a stay-at-home-mom is so relaxing! But I actually think having a newborn is a really easy transition into parenting—because they do sleep a LOT. It gets harder when you need to entertain them, but each stage is fun & new, and somehow it doesn’t matter how tired you are because it’s amazing to watch your little person grow and change.

But did I mention that it’s infinitely more difficult to get out the door with two?! Because it definitely is. It requires at least an hour of advanced planning, and keep in mind that I always keep the diaper bag packed in advance (except milk)—it saves SO much time! I’m getting better though. I can’t even imagine having 3 kids! Holy crap, I would lose it, so props to all mommas with 2+. BUT to anyone who has asked: NO, I’m never going to be pregnant again. We are SO done. I could not deal with another ICP pregnancy again, and the recurrence rate is as high as 80%. No thanks, snip-snip, end of story.

Any-who, for other new mommas I just wanted to share two Apps that I’ve found to be particularly useful, which Angie @ Pint of Goals told me about. #1: iBaby, a feeding/poop/pee/pump/sleep tracker. It’s super helpful and it even gives you the amount of time in between the last “events,” and options to track which breast was last used to feed. LOVE this one. And #2: Relax Melodies. It’s an app that has music and/or white-noise sounds to help calm Baby when you’re out & about (think of a more portable Sleep Sheep). Both apps have been life-savers at times, and I highly recommend them. I plan on putting together a list of helpful newborn items that I’ve found to be useful, so stay tuned for that. . .

Oh, and I can’t stop doing photoshoots of my sweet lil man, he is 5 weeks old today! Where does the time go??

Angie @ Pint of Goals - September 11, 2013 - 5:02 am

The picture of Bennett’s feet is so cute!
I have a neighbor with four boys and I told her I can’t imagine coordinating all if their schedules. Oy!

Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog - September 11, 2013 - 11:38 am

He’s too adorable!! So happy for you and your family. Sounds like you are adjusting well. Keep those cute pics coming!