Bennett is 1 month old!

I can’t believe our sweet boy is 1 month old! I feel like we just brought him home yesterday—well, it was only last week. He had a check-up with his pediatrician on Wednesday, and he’s up to 7lbs 8oz and 20.5in. That’s the 90th percentile for preemies! But it’s only 4th percentile on the “term” chart…either way, I have a feeling he’ll catch up quickly! Anyhow, it has been so much fun getting to know his little quirks even better since he’s been home. Here are 10 things I have learned about him:

  1. He has a dimple on his right cheek—AWWW! I had a mini-meltdown of happiness when I saw that.
  2. He loves to be swaddled while he sleeps. He is like Houdini getting those little hands out though, so I actually use 2 different kinds of swaddlers at the same time: 1) the Swaddle Pod and then 2) the Swaddle Me swaddler over that. It’s great! His hands stay put in the “flexed” position and he doesn’t startle himself. It’s been really helpful and he sleeps more soundly.
  3. Bath time is his favorite! He just looks around and clearly loves it. I hate the huge baby bathtubs (who has room for that?!) so I usually just co-bathe him and rest him on my legs. But I stopped at Target the other day and got this baby bather, and I love that it collapses down and I can still use it with either the kitchen sink or the tub—and I can still co-bathe with him!
  4. Tummy time helps him get his gas out—and he has a lot of gas. Even if it’s just on my chest, I try to give him some tummy time a few times a day. Hopefully he’s not lactose-intolerant, because I love my dairy. =/
  5. He loves his Nuk (pacifier).
  6. He spits up a lot. My laundry pile is insane between my clothes and his. I have to be really careful not to overfeed him—sometimes he’ll finish a bottle & still act hungry, but (I think) he just needs the sucking so I give him his Nuk and he’s usually fine. And I have to burp him after every ounce—he’s gone from 2 to 3 ounces per feeding since he came home last week!
  7. He wakes up HUNGRY! I’ve gotta be ready with a bottle (or boob) when he wakes up or he is not a happy camper. He eats every 3-4 hours, so I’ve gotta be on the ball. I downloaded an app to track feedings/poop/pumping sessions, and it’s been super helpful.
  8. He really likes when McKenzie and I sing to him. He gets really wide-eyed and alert and snuggles. =)
  9. He sleeps best in the Rock n’ Play at night time.
  10. He loves being in the Moby Wrap! It’s great to wear him around the house so I don’t feel the need to compulsively check on him. And it was super helpful to use it while grocery shopping, too! That way, I still had room for the groceries in the cart. ;)

Anyhow, I’m having a great time getting to know him. And it’s so incredible as a parent to see a different side of McKenzie, too. She’s so helpful and nurturing. If I need a burp rag or Nuk, she’ll run and get one. She is still loving being a “big kid” at school all day. Have a great weekend!

Angie @ Pint of Goals - September 6, 2013 - 9:02 pm

I had never heard of the Swaddle Pod – I’m glad it’s working for Bennett. Fin also gets her hands out, so I bought a swaddle strap. Babies love to be swaddled!
How great (and not surprising) that McKenzie is such a good helper :)