Eat, Boy, Eat!

So Bennett is getting better at eating! Yesterday he did 60% by mouth, and he needs to be at 80% to have the feeding tube in his nose removed. After that, he’ll need to gain weight for 3 days and then he can come home. So, hopefully he’ll be home soon-ish! The “crowing” sound is MUCH improved, too. They have determined that he has acid reflux—but that’s really normal for infants (aka: spitting up), so we just have to make sure and try to keep him upright after feedings to help mitigate that problem. Also, the feeding tube doesn’t help with acid reflux, so it might improve when the tube is removed. I think I’m going to get one of these, because I’ve heard they work wonders & they’re great for acid reflux in babies (because they sleep at an incline). Worth a try!

He’s up to 6lbs 1oz and he’s 19.25 inches long! That boy would’ve been HUGE at full-term, he hit 36 weeks (gestational age) yesterday. I’m so happy he’s doing well. I try to be at the hospital the majority of the day, but poor McKenzie gets really bored and basically ends up watching the iPad the entire time. Momma fail. We were there 7 hours today. She’s an angel. But I officially enroll her in Kindergarten on Friday! Then her birthday is Saturday, and we’re having her party on Sunday. I can’t believe she’ll be 5! I remember being 5.

Oh, and we got a new NICU room today! We had been previously sharing a twin room with another family—and I didn’t like that at all. Today, when my comfy “K-Care” chair was on the other side I had a bit of an internal freak-out (thinking of strangers and their germs around my baby). Annnnd they were loud, their 7-year-old was loud. I spoke to the charge nurse right away, and they immediately moved us to a single room. After 13 days, it’s SO nice to have our own space!

As for me, my itching is 90% better (I still have bouts here & there) and everything is manageable/bearable. Also, I am making TONS of milk. It’s kind of a problem. I had to speak to the lactation consultants and they told me I’m making enough for twins—think 13oz in 7 hours. Insane. So they gave me some tips to help decrease it a bit—or they told me I could donate it because preemie milk is in high demand at NICU’s around the whole country. Apparently it’s not a normal problem to have. I don’t mind burning the extra calories, but pumping is a pain. ;)

Anyhow, here are some photos that I did in the hospital before Jon left. I love them, they’re so special to me—and I was happy to get any because he only let me snap a few! He’s camera shy. But look how similar their profiles are! Like father, like son. =’)

Time With Thea - August 19, 2013 - 9:10 pm

Just wanted to say congratulations and your photography is absolutely enchanting. What a lovely memory of a very special time you are documenting. Take Care, Thea

carin - August 20, 2013 - 8:15 am

All great news! So happy to hear all of this. And those pictures? WOW. Those are so special and will always be cherished. Bennett is SO precious!!