A surprise, nesting-mode overdrive, and an update…

Jon came home last Friday and it was a complete surprise! I had this photo session in the morning (McKenzie was my little assistant), and we came home and he was in the kitchen! We were both SHOCKED. Jon is honestly the worst secret-keeper ever, so it was incredibly sweet! And of course I was elated! We decided to head back to Milwaukee for the night so we could enjoy some of our favorite Pasta Tree food for dinner and have some adult conversation time sans McKenzie. The food was delicious as usual, but I was particularly itchy and miserable that night so I was ready to get back to the house.

McKenzie loved her Daddy-time, though! She had so much fun just hanging out with him during the weekend: play-wrestling, reading books, and building Legos. He stayed for 3 days and flew out early Monday morning—it was such a wonderful weekend, and SO nice to have him at home, back in our element. He hadn’t been home since early March!

SOOOOOOO, how is tomorrow August already?! We’re having another baby this month—this week!—which is crazy. For Baby Boy, I’ve been prepping the house like a madwoman. As I’ve mentioned, I already got my room ready with the pack n’ play, and settled on the co-sleeper and the diaper bag, but it just seems like there’s always more organizing & cleaning to do! Vacuuming, deep-cleaning, etc. The nesting never ends. If anyone has good hospital-bag tips, lemme know. I’m at a loss. If I remember correctly, they provide you with most things? I definitely over-packed last time.

Anyhow, McKenzie is as excited as ever to meet her baby bro. I had her color a picture of Baby Boy and we made a chain-link countdown so she would stop asking when he’s coming, and it’s worked out really well. Every morning she absolutely loves cutting off one of the rings and counting the number of days left. It’s nice to not tell her every day!  She’s going to be a wonderful big sister. =)

As far as Baby Boy goes, my appointments have been nuts the past week. He almost failed his Non-Stress Test on Monday, which was really scary (his heart rate wasn’t responding with his movements accordingly). They had to “wake him up” with this weird sound-buzzer thing against my stomach, but he passed the test after they did that. After the NST, I had an ultrasound for an “amniotic fluid index.” My amniotic fluid is at the very maximum of normal, which is not ideal, but my specialist said it’s nothing to worry about. And you could see his hair on the ultrasound! That was pretty cool. Is it weird that the hair made it really real? Because it did. Our baby boy has hair. =)

Following the ultrasound, one of the Perinatal nurses took McKenzie and me on a tour of the NICU. It was scary to see, but comforting at the same time. Our hospital has private NICU suites and pull-out sofa beds in each room. There’s no time limit, so we can be with him as long as we want, 24/7. It’s nice to be able to picture where Baby Boy will be for the first few days, and to know that he’ll be in good hands.

We’re not sure the exact time of my induction, but it should be Sunday or Monday afternoon—we’ll know tomorrow! That means they’ll begin by thinning my cervix with Cervidil, a prostaglandin gel, which will probably take 12 hours to dilate me into active labor. Then I’ll start Pitocin. If I’m induced Sunday, he’ll probably be born Monday; if Monday, then probably Tuesday. Yes, I plan on an epidural. Especially because I need to have Pitocin, that stuff is horrible. I had one with McKenzie and it was marvelous, I didn’t feel a thing. Anyway, I have two appointments tomorrow, and we should know the induction time for certain after that. I seriously can’t wait!

Some people have asked, and yes, I feel 34 weeks is absolutely necessary—primarily for my comfort, because I cannot overstate the absolute misery that I’ve been in the past 5 months. Unless you’ve experienced it, you truly cannot understand. I itch so badly it’s painful. All. The. Time. Without Ambien, I can’t sleep so I cry/itch all night. But in addition to the resolved itching, I also won’t need to worry about the increased risk of stillbirth anymore, which will be great. I had an appointment with my liver specialist yesterday, and he said that the itching (aka “puritis”) should resolve within 24 hours of delivery. 24 hours! So yes, delivery is literally my “cure,” I’m not being dramatic about that—something about the hormones in the placenta and liver function. I do feel guilty about not giving Baby Boy as much time in-utero as he needs, but I honestly need him out for my own well-being. Like, yesterday.

Jon got the green light so he should be coming home for 10 days starting Saturday! It will be SO nice to have him around. He makes me feel so much more at ease. I can’t wait to meet our son in only 5 days! That’s so crazy to say. Our son. It’s been a long, long road.

I’ve also been getting ready for McKenzie’s 5th birthday in late August. I cannot believe she’s going to be FIVE! Oh my goodness, where did the time go?! Since Baby Boy will need guaranteed NICU time (until he’s 35 weeks gestation, regardless of how well he’s doing—1 week minimum), I want to have her birthday gifts all ready to go so she doesn’t feel neglected and I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. She’s already gotten some awesome “shower gifts” like this princess gown (left)! It makes her feel special that people think of her, too! Anyhow, for her birthday I’ve already ordered her these softboot K2 rollerblades and these knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to go with them. I love the rollerblades because they’re adjustable, size 11-2, and super flipping cute. I love rollerblading, so hopefully she will too. =)

I’d also like to get her an awesome Lego set, too. Something like this and this and this for starters. Not because they’re the girly ones, but because I think she’ll enjoy them the most. And let me just say: Legos are a big deal for me because I passionately despise toys with tiny pieces that [inevitably] end up everywhere. BUT I think they’re great for imagination play and they’ll minimize TV time. Plus, Legos are even fun for me. =) I’ll just have to be super-careful for choking hazards when Baby Boy gets bigger. I can’t believe he’s days away. Single digits, y’all. Yay, yay, yay!



Pam Velguth - August 1, 2013 - 7:26 am

The baby chain was a clever idea. Good luck with the delivery. I’m glad it’s almost here. I can’t imagine going through what you have for 2 days much less 5 months.