10 Days to Go & Specialist Visit #2 for the Week

10-days to go! I had another specialist appointment today. My Non-Stress Test was great and Baby Boy had the hiccups. =) I also had my THIRD 24-hour urine test—if you’ve never had one, you save ALL your pee for 24-hours in a jug in the fridge. Very sexy. Anyway, it came back borderline pre-eclampsia with protein in my urine (diagnosis is 300, my levels were at 291). I have been feeling more abdominal pain and more swollen lately. Not sure what they do about it though, I suppose I should call back and ask about that.

Otherwise, I almost have all the baby clothes organized! Yay! And I got my diaper bag in the mail. LOVE it. It’s still like a purse, but very roomy with a built in changer.

Still no word if Jon’s going to be able to come home for a quick visit this weekend. He will be able to be home for the induction/birth though the following weekend, so that’s happy news. And here is a maternity photo McKenzie and I took yesterday. I just love it! =)