Life Lately: Baby Stuff, Mosquitoes, and Hair.

So, I’m still around and still preggo—thank goodness! I don’t want a 30-week baby, that would be scary. Anyhow, I apologize for my slacker blogging. I’ve been a little busy. It looks like we’re still looking at a 36 week induction (around August 18th), unless Baby Boy decides to come earlier on his own (pre-term labor can be a result of ICP). I’m slowly but surely getting baby gear together and ready for Baby Boy’s arrival. I got a new black cover for my awesome stroller, and my good friend Anna gave me one of her infant car seats (she just started a blog about life with twins:—you should check it out!). It makes it a little more real having the baby stuff around, and I love the black/gray theme we have going on! Since we’ll probably move around December I’m not doing a nursery (yet). I don’t want to buy nice furniture to have it ruined during a move. Baby Boy will be in my room for the first few months, and I’m even considering using the stroller bassinet in our room. Although I’ve heard awesome things (and read a ton of great reviews!) about the Rock n’ Play, so I registered for one for my baby shower!

Anyhow, my sister came down for the week to help with McKenzie and also help prep for the baby shower. It’s a “Mustache Bash,” which is gonna be super fun! I can’t wait to show pics of the decor. Here is the “Guest Book” I made for guests to sign—it’s picture frame matting, and I plan on putting Baby Boy’s newborn photo inside. =) Awwww…I love how it turned out.So I’ve needed to start the Plasmapheresis (Plasma Infusions) 2x per week to help alleviate the itching—but it’s so draining. I wish they would consider inducing at 34 weeks, because I’m so freakin miserable. It was nice having my sister around to help watch McKenzie during the procedures. In a week I’ll start having 6+ appointments per week. I’m so glad I’m not working right now.

Anyhow, while I was in my Plasma Treatment, my sister, niece, and McKenzie all went on a walk—McKenzie got FIVE mosquito bites ON HER FACE. Poor baby. She had some sort of horrible reaction to the bites and her eye swelled up really badly. I took her into the doctor’s this morning, 3 days later, and they suggested antibiotics since it’s the weekend and eyes easily prone to infection. She also has an ear infection. My poor sweet girl. Mosquitoes just love us! I can’t even go outside right now…if I get one mosquito bite I turn into a twitchy freak. Hello Hermit Nicole.

Oh. And I yesterday I got a haircut & high/low-lights. I love how it turned out! If you live in Madison, Holly (of Holly’s Salon Studio) honestly did an amazing job. I’m so excited about it. I just said, “I trust your judgement, I defer to you!” and I seriously love it. Although, I can’t really wear my hair down right now—it makes me so itchy I want to scream—I’m so pleased and I can’t wait to wear it down again.

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to my Mustache Bash Baby Shower tomorrow! I hope this will make it click that I’m actually having a baby in about 5 weeks. =)

Carin - July 12, 2013 - 5:18 pm

Oh little Madison! Poor girl. I hate mosquito and as a kid had them all over my body in the summer.

I love how your little man matte frame turned out! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures from your shower. Enjoy!

Angie - July 13, 2013 - 4:04 am

Love the hair – the layers look great!
I have also heard the Rock N Play is amazing as a bassinet. It will take up so much less space than a pack n play which is what we’re using.
Have a fun-filled weekend!