Oh my gosh, where have I been?!

Can’t believe I’ve been MIA for 10 days. That’s crazy. Anyway, I’m officially 30 weeks pregnant today, which is both awesome and terrifying for the same reason—it’s so close!  6 weeks. That means in 6 weeks or less I’ll be done itching 24/7. YAY, YAY, YAY. Not gonna lie, it’s been day-to-day lately—I sorta wanna curl up and die. But that also means I’m only 6 weeks away (conservatively) from having another tiny little human to care for. How did this sneak up on me so fast?! I can’t wait for our little Mustache Bash-themed baby shower this coming weekend, hopefully I’ll get a little reality-check that we’ll have a little man joining our clan next month. This pregnancy (mainly the horrific itching) has been so life-consuming that I really haven’t had a lot of time to process the end result…

Alrighty, so where have I been? Well, last Sunday (a week ago), Jon found out that he probably wouldn’t be able to come home to Wisconsin for his 4-day holiday weekend. BOO! That was unacceptable. We had seen him for 2 days in the last 4 months! And it was our last chance to see him before the baby arrives. So what did I do? I decided to make the 16-hour drive, 29 weeks pregnant, with our 4-year-old in tow. It was SO worth it. The plan was to drive the car there (so he can have a little more freedom), and then we’d  fly home. I bought the tickets before even talking to him about it, made arrangements for the dogs, and contacted our wonderful friends in Kentucky about staying overnight at a half-way point. Everything fell into place and we set off last Monday, less than 24 hours after making all the plans. And don’t worry, I brought my medical records along, just in case.

I broke up the trip into smaller chunks to make it more bearable—because I really, really hate road trips. Like, a lot. So first we stayed with my wonderful sister-in-law in Chicago (3 hours), the next morning we set off for Kentucky (6 hours), and on Wednesday we made the longer 8-hour drive from Kentucky to Georgia. Yuuuuuck. But McKenzie was such a trooper! She pretty much watched the same 4 movies on the iPad the whole time. Oops. But whatever, that’s a lot of time in the car for a 4-year old. All considered, she did great.

We finally got there Wednesday evening during a monsoon, just in time to pick up Jon! It was amazing to see him, and we enjoyed every minute together. =) We had a very un-festive 4th of July, but he showed us around his training area—he’s currently learning how to jump out of planes at “Jump School” aka Airborne. And McKenzie soaked up every minute. He’s such a good Daddy. Who else plays Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper at dinner?! And it was so nice having help! McKenzie threw up twice Saturday morning (no clue why), and I forgot how easy it is with 2 parents. Tag-team! He really went out of his way to make my life easier, too, which was amazing. He packed for me, buckled McKenzie in the car every time (a huge hassle), and read her stories every night before bed. I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing sexier than a man being a good Husband/Daddy. Nothing.And for those of you who have asked: yes, he should be able to come home for Baby Boy’s birth! Especially if it’s a planned induction. If I go into labor spontaneously on my own and it’s really quick, then he might not make it in time—but who knows. As of now, looking at a planned induction, he should be there. Yay! But a symptom of early-onset ICP is spontaneous pre-term labor, so any time in the next 6 weeks he could arrive. Maybe I should pack a bag? Yikes!

Angie @ Pint of Goals - July 8, 2013 - 8:41 am

How great that the trip went so well! Jon sounds like such a sweet dad and husband.
Congrats on being 30 weeks – Baby Boy will be here soon and the itching will be done…a win win :)