10 Tips for Stunning Newborn Photos & Birth Announcements

As a professional photographer and momma-to-be, I especially love doing newborn photoshoots! New babies are so tiny, peaceful, and perfect! Can you believe I didn’t have newborn photos taken with my daughter? It’s something I’ll always regret (but alas, I wasn’t a photographer then!). Anyhow, I have compiled a list of tips & tricks that I find especially useful, so hopefully it will help out some new parents & photographers alike:


  1. Professional newborn photography makes for stunning Birth Announcements! Surely you can tell the difference between professional photos and good ‘ol regular camera ones? They capture those first moments so well and take the announcements to a whole new level! I personally always choose black & white for announcements because the baby looks more serene & it makes the colors of the announcement “pop.”
  2. Newborn Sessions are best before 14-days-old. For my business, I highly recommend photographing a newborn between 5-14 days! This is because they are still very small, have their newborn wrinkles & dry skin, and often have their umbilical cord stub still attached. These little details make for beautiful photos, as they grow so quickly.
  3. In-home sessions are ideal! Try finding a local photographer to have an in-home newborn photography session. Usually the baby (and parents!) are more comfortable and behave more naturally in their own environment. It also makes for easier feedings if the baby is hungry, and there is easier access to any props or accessories that could be easily forgotten at a studio photo-shoot. I photographed all of the photos featured in this post during in-home sessions!
  4. Know what you want. Peruse Pinterest or your photographer’s website to have ideas of what you want for the newborn photos! Do you want to be in the photos? Baby alone? With siblings or a pet? A particular pose? Knowing what you want can help the photographer get a sense of your style. That said, trust your photographer—a few simple ideas are great, but too many requests can be overwhelming and unrealistic.
  5. Sleeping photos are amazing. Don’t worry if your baby is sleeping! Newborns sleep a LOT, so sleeping photos are perfectly natural and equally adorable (as you can see, I prefer them!). But if you would like a few photos of both awake & sleeping, let your photographer know, and schedule a time about 30 minutes before a feeding. That way, you can have some beautiful photos while they’re awake and some while doze off after a meal.
  6. Use meaningful props, but keep them to a minimum. Did someone make the baby a special blanket? Can the baby wear her mother’s Christening gown? Do you still have your childhood teddy bear? Photographing the baby with meaningful props immediately adds sentimental value to the photos. That said, keep it simple! Newborn babies are so beautiful and serene by themselves, they don’t need all the extra stuff.

  7. Try headbands for baby girls. Since newborn babies can look androgynous, I highly recommend using gender-appropriate props, such as headbands for girls or hats for boys. It also adds another element to the photo.
  8. Don’t use a “busy” blanket. Using a blanket with a busy pattern or tons of bright colors to swaddle or wrap the baby can be very distracting in a photo! Try and stick to solid colors or muted hues. Same goes for clothing.
  9. It’s in the details! Be sure to focus on the little things like the newborn’s hands, feet, toes, ears, etc. They change so quickly! Tip: If a baby is fussy or having a feeding, it’s an ideal time to snap photos of those “little details!” You’d never know that he was screaming in the foot-photo pictured in the Birth Announcement above. =)
  10. Invest in a Birth Announcement that reflects your personal style! I found all of these beautiful Birth Announcements at TinyPrints.com, and I highly suggest them for my clients. You only get to introduce your baby to the world once! There are SO many amazing designs to choose from, and the quality is unbeatable for the price. The cardstock is very durable, and I love the patterns on the back! It truly makes them stand out. And I love that they offer oblong envelopes for the square announcements so you don’t have to pay for extra postage—which is certainly a nice touch. So in my professional opinion, TinyPrints is definitely the way to go for Birth Announcements!

Angie @ Pint of Goals - June 25, 2013 - 9:37 am

The black and white photos are beautiful. I am looking forward to Finley’s photo shoot!

Liz @ The Lambent Life - June 26, 2013 - 7:23 am

I love these!