Yep, I’m having another Baby Shower!

Let me just say, I feel a little awkward having a Baby Shower for the 2nd child—but my sister & friends assured me that with 5 years between kiddos & a different sex altogether, it’s perfectly acceptable. Heck, if they want to throw me one I’ll take it! Who am I to say no? And honestly, I’m really excited. At McKenzie’s shower there was no theme or games or anything like that (we had it at a restaurant), so I’m really hoping to make this one a blast! Does anyone have fun game ideas, activities, or crafts that they’ve seen and/or done?! Suggestions welcome. =)

Anyhow, so we started the planning and figured out a date, time, etc. And after going through all the adorable Baby Shower invites at, we settled on a “mustache theme.” There are SO many cute, fun things we can do with a mustache-themed shower, the options are endless!Can’t you picture it? Tiny little mustaches everywhere with mustache cupcakes, garlands, balloons, complete with fingerstache tattoos? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. It’s gonna be a riot. Anyhow, here is the invitation we chose—isn’t it awesome?! I love all the detail, and the pattern on the back side is such a nice touch. It definitely takes the invites to another level, I can’t wait to get them & mail them out! There is also this incredibly sweet matching Baby Shower Keepsake (see pic below) that each guest can complete, and I think it would be such a treasure.

Annnnd I was looking over the Birth Announcements too, I couldn’t help myself! They’re gorgeous! I’ll do a post with some Newborn Photoshoot ideas/etiquette and Birth Announcement examples soon.

Also, I must add that in a brief moment of panic I realized that I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant at the shower—that’s only 3 weeks away! HOLY COW, how did that sneak up on me?! That means I have less than 2 months before Baby Boy gets here! And maybe even sooner, since pre-term labor is a symptom of Cholestasis of Pregnancy—there are ladies with this condition that have spontaneously gone into labor at 31 weeks! And I still need a car seat! And a diaper bag! And a swing! And a bouncer! And diapers! Eeek! With all the commotion of this pregnancy, I haven’t really had a chance to stop and think: we’ll have a little baby in the house in less than 2 months. We’re adding another tiny human to our family, and that’s insane. Hopefully this shower will help me wrap my head around it! I can’t wait to meet Baby Boy, but sometimes it still feels like a dream. =)

In other news, Jon graduates from Basic Training in exactly 1 week—I am SO excited to see him again, and now I’ll be able to talk to him more often. Thank goodness it’s almost over!

Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog - June 21, 2013 - 10:26 pm

So adorable! I love the mustaches. Enjoy your shower. You certainly deserve it.

Angie @ Pint of Goals - June 22, 2013 - 2:22 am

What a fun theme for a boy baby shower!!!! The invites are so great, too. I really think we may use them for birth announcements.
We played a cute game at my shower involving synonyms of popular children’s books – I’ll send you a link.
Are you going to set up a registry now? If so, you should register for all that stuff: swing, bouncer, diapers, etc :)
Yay – I’m super excited for you!