Prepping for Father’s Day

Kids say the darndest things. My favorite so far this month is, “I love Daddy so much. He’s handsomer than any animal.” What? Maybe she was just being goofy on purpose, but she’s said some really weird stuff lately! I actually started a Google Doc just to have a record.

For Father’s Day I gave McKenzie a little survey, similar to the one I got for Mother’s Day. It’s so cute (link here)! I actually just used the questions and turned it into a little book that we’ll mail to him. She drew pictures for the respective questions, and it’s really cute. But here are her answers:

  1. My dad is  78  years old.
  2. My dad is really strong, he could lift   a house.
  3. My dad’s favorite color is  yellow.
  4. My dad’s favorite food is   soup with grilled cheese.
  5. My dad always says, “I love you to the moon & back.”
  6. My dad is the best at doing push-ups.
  7. My dad’s job is at the Army.
  8. My dad laughs when we wrestle and play and say silly things.
  9. If my dad had time he would love to play.
  10. My dad and I like to be together and play and go/do stuff. I can’t wait til he’s done with the Army.
  11. My dad really loves his woman & child. 
  12. I love my daddy because he’s my favorite daddy in the whole wide world and I love him so much.

I think he’ll love it. Plus, little homemade things are sometimes the best. =) For his first Father’s Day, I made him this cute frame with a picture from every month since she’d been born, and a hand print (she was 10 months old). It still hangs in our hallway. I can’t very well mail him a frame this year. ;) I always kinda feel bad because he has Father’s Day, our wedding anniversary, and his birthday within a week of each other, so he gets screwed in the gift department. I’ll have to do something nice for him when he’s done with Basic on June 28th.