Our Morning at Olbrich Gardens

One of the reasons I love Madison is that there are tons of fun, free things to do. From Vilas Zoo, to the gigantic Farmer’s Market every Saturday, to Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Today we went to the Gardens after her ballet class (before school), for about an hour.

We met up and walked with my friend Anna & her 1-year-old identical twin boys (whom McKenzie loves to death). It’s so cute to watch her interact with little ones, she’s so excited to be a big sister! And it’s fun for me to see little boys–I look at them very differently now, knowing we’re going to have a little boy joining us in just a couple months. =)

Anyway, Olbrich Gardens is SO incredibly beautiful. There’s a gorgeous Thai Temple, and plenty of flowering flora. McKenzie obsessively asks to pick the flowers, but today we stumbled upon a caterpillar. McKenzie was in a very sour mood before we discovered “Paulie” the caterpillar. Afterward, she was all smiles, talking about our “growing family” and wondering what to feed it. We put it in our empty water bottle and transferred it to McKenzie’s new bug cage when we got home. It was a fun morning!

In pregnancy news: I passed my 3-hour glucose test! I failed the initial one, so I was VERY relived to find out that I don’t have gestational diabetes. One more bad thing during this pregnancy, and I might die. Also, I was prescribed hydroxyzine to help me sleep (I was waking up every hour from the itching). It’s prescribed for drug addicts who experience itching from withdrawals, people with anxiety, and people who can’t sleep. Ha! I took one 25mg pill before bed and I slept like a drunken man (aka amazing). It was my first full night’s sleep since I can remember. All-in-all, it was a good week pregnancy-wise.

Angie @ Pint of Goals - June 7, 2013 - 4:48 pm

Such pretty pics! Olbrich was something I always did at least once a summer with the kids I nannied; we’d normally go for the butterfly exhibit.
That sucks that you failed the first one (like I did). Did you take the test in the morning or after a day of eating? Mine was in the afternoon, and a friend told me that often throws the results. But yah for no gestational diabetes! You are right – that’s the last thing you need.
Have a great Friday night!

Nicole | Life So Lovely - June 7, 2013 - 4:57 pm

I know, I love Olbrich Gardens! So much fun (and free is always a plus). As for the glucose test, I took it an hour after eating waffles & real maple syrup…they said it was only a couple points above normal, but I was bummed. I almost threw up drinking that stuff on an empty stomach the 2nd time around! Fortunately they let me go into an empty NST room with Lazy Boy recliners, so I napped in between draws. That was nice. Hope you have a great (probably) last weekend as a twosome! =)