My Weekend Ordeal: Puke, Pee, & a Pre-Term Labor Scare.

This weekend was unintentionally eventful. After a spontaneous drive back to Milwaukee to visit my mother-in-law, things got a little crazy. Before the drive, I picked up some McDonald’s for McKenzie & myself. Our family rule is that we only have fast food if we’re on a 1hour+ drive, so it fit the criteria. I just got a plain ‘ol burger, a small fry, and a large Coke. BIG mistake.

Have I mentioned I’m trying to eat a low-fat diet because it’s better for my pregnancy ICP diagnosis? Yeah. I got a big F*CK YOU from my body after eating that McDonald’s. Oh. My. God. Again, I was SO glad to have “emergency sickness bags” with me. I was chatting on my phone, driving at 70mph, then out of nowhere–BAM–I had to throw up. And BAD. Did I say I was going 70 on the highway? No time to pull over. Yeah, that was scary. Oh, and do you know what happens when you throw up REALLY hard when you’re pregnant? You pee yourself. A lot. Yep, that happened. ((And yes I do my Kegels, thank you very much.))

Picking up McDonald’s…little did we know…

So, when we got to my mother-in-law’s house I had a quick shower & cleaned up. I drank some diluted lemonade to rehydrate. My body didn’t want that either, and I got sick again. And 3 more times that night. I called the after-hours nurse line, and they wanted me to be seen by a doctor because I had a headache & my fingers were swollen. It really didn’t feel flu-like, I was positive it was pregnancy related. So my amazing friend Megan (who is back in Milwaukee on summer break from Med School), drove me to the ER at 10:30pm. They promptly rejected me, because I’m over 20 weeks pregnant, and sent me to Labor & Delivery “just in case.” Well that was a shock.

Anyway, I threw up again in the waiting room. Awesome. They checked my blood pressure right away, and it was 156/96. WOAH. That’s the highest it’s ever been. They concluded I was severely dehydrated (since I hadn’t held anything down in over 12 hours), and started me on an IV. And then I started having contractions. Legit, painful contractions. They were small, but painful & consistent. They checked my cervix and I wasn’t dilated at all, so that was good. After 2 liters of fluid, my blood pressure was back to normal at 110/63 and I was discharged at 4:30am. Megan was with me the whole time (saint status!) and they told me to call my doctor if I keep experiencing more than 4-6 small contractions/hour.

Well, the next day the little contractions hadn’t let up so I called the nurse line and they told me to come back to Madison & be monitored for a bit. I was particularly concerned because ICP can cause pre-term labor, which is not good at 25 weeks. We all scrambled, packed up, and headed back to Madison. My amazing mother-in-law followed in her car, for moral support & to help with McKenzie in case I needed a hospital stay.

I checked in at Triage for monitoring, and they also concluded that the contractions were most likely caused by dehydration. Baby Boy’s heart rate & movements were great. They weren’t registering the contractions on the monitor (but they said my stomach isn’t really big enough to measure them properly). They checked my cervix again, and there was still no dilation, so they sent me home. I chugged some gatorade & rested up, finally things seem to be better. It was scary though. Having a micro-preemie would not be fun…he needs to stay in there and bake! I’m very relieved that everything was okay, and cheers to 11 more weeks of being pregnant (since I’m delivering at 36 weeks).

But in other pregnancy news, I just got a call with my glucose-test results…they were slightly above normal, so I have to do the 3-hour test. LAME. And also, my Bile Acid levels are back up, so that’s not good. My doctor and specialist are “stumped.” Their words, not mine. The end result will be worth it. *sigh*

On a fun note, McKenzie saved up her piggy bank money and bought a Hatchin’ Grow Lizard. It was so much fun! It took 3 days submerged in water to “hatch” and she loved checking on it every day. It was hard for her to be patient, but now it’s her constant companion (appropriately named “Lizzy” the lizard). She is currently wrapping Lizzy in washcloths, and singing her a lullaby. So cute. It’s the little things, right?

Carin - June 3, 2013 - 9:16 pm

I am SO glad that you are okay!
Sounds like a traumatic weekend. Glad that your family and friend took good care of you. Get some rest mama!

becky - June 3, 2013 - 11:06 pm

What a terrible weekend you had! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.

Funny, here I was feeling sorry for myself… I also got the call today from my doctor’s office telling me I didn’t pass the glucose screen so I need to come in for the 3-hour test. And on top of that, my blood results also showed that I’m “extremely anemic” and need to start taking iron supplements asap!

After reading your story, I’m thinking things could be worse so I should just get over myself and suck it up! lol :)

Nicole | Life So Lovely - June 4, 2013 - 1:18 pm

Thanks! It was definitely rough, but I feel good now. Hopefully the glucose screen will go well for both of us! My iron was fine, & my doc said my glucose was only slightly above normal…so I’m definitely hoping that it’ll be okay! One less thing to deal with. =/

Nicole | Life So Lovely - June 4, 2013 - 1:19 pm

Thanks Carin!

Mary - June 4, 2013 - 11:57 pm

Take Care Nicole. I had the same thing happen to me. I had gotten the flu and dehydrated and contractions started and ended up in the hospital getting fluids. It was pretty scary.