The countdown begins!

In exactly 1 week we’ll be with Jon right now…say it with me: “YAY!” McKenzie is SO excited to see her daddy, it has been over 2 months now, which is the longest they’ve ever been apart. And I know he misses her like crazy. Obviously I’m super-excited too. I haven’t let anyone feel the baby move, so he’ll be the first one. =) When Baby Boy is born, Jon will have missed the majority of the pregnancy…so honestly I’ve been a little worried that it won’t be real to him. Like, BAM here’s a baby! But he has assured me during our phone conversations that he’s very excited, and he thinks about it all the time. So that comforting.

Anyhow, our upcoming visit to Georgia was also a great excuse for me to do some shopping for myself, and splurge on some summer-appropriate maternity clothes. I’ve gotta feel purdy around my man, ya know what I’m sayin?! I only have about 3 months of pregnancy left (since Baby Boy will be 4 weeks early), BUT that is 3 very long summer months, so I feel justified. When I was pregnant with McKenzie I tried to buy “normal” clothes that were pregnancy-friendly, but maternity clothes are infinitely more comfortable. This time around, I’m going with comfy. I got some cute white capris and colorful tank tops at Target, and a pretty tunic-tank from Motherhood. I’m excited to wear them when we see Jon, and I haven’t been excited about clothes at all lately.

In other news, this week McKenzie had a fun play date with her friend, Sophie, from her daycare days (1½ years ago). They didn’t skip a beat! They played with dirt, found a dead bird, rode bikes, and played “bird catcher” with a hula hoop. Sophie is a brand-new big sister too, which is great for me…to McKenzie, becoming a big sister seems like the “cool” thing to do! It’s pretty great. And now that my stomach is FINALLY starting to look a little pregnant, it’s getting more real to her. She knows that he’ll be here the week before her birthday, so that’s her measure of time. She wants him to be at her party and have a tiny cake just for him. =)

I had a doctor’s appointment this past Monday, and Baby Boy’s heart rate was perfect at 145. We went over the Perinatal Specialist’s suggestions, and my doc agreed with them. She said she’s comfortable inducing me anytime between 36-38 weeks. Personally, with the scary stillbirth rate of ICP I’m totally fine playing it safe and inducing around 36½ weeks. During my last month of pregnancy (32-26 weeks), I will have at least 4 appointment per week…which is insane. And kinda overwhelming. NST’s 2x/week, amniotic fluid checks via ultrasound once/week, and one regular doctor’s appointment. I guess we’ll be putting more movies on the iPad for McKenzie, hopefully she’ll be cooperative. I foresee lots of merry-go-round rides as incentive for good behavior…sometimes bribery goes a long way. ;)

Angie - May 18, 2013 - 6:38 am

I hope this week goes by super speedy for you two! What a sweet idea to not have let anyone else feel the baby :)
Good job on buying cute clothes. It’ll be worth it to feel pretty and be comfortable when you’re in GA (and after). Is the weather supposed to be hot?

Nicole | Life So Lovely - May 18, 2013 - 9:37 pm

Thanks Angie! I’m very excited for him to be the first to feel him moving around…I’ve tried to get McKenzie to feel the kicks, but she can’t really tell what it is.

And yeah, I think it’s supposed to be relatively hot/humid while we’re there! The new clothes should work nicely. =)