Mother’s Day 2013

Thinking of my Momma this Mother’s Day weekend. She was the most supportive and unselfish person I know, and I am a better mother because she was mine. Even though she was taken too early, I had an amazing childhood. She made it magical: heart-shaped pancakes on Valentine’s day, green milk on St. Patrick’s Day, crafts & building tee-pees outside, and the list goes on. She was my biggest fan, my constant supporter, and I am so lucky she was my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all deserving Moms & moms-to-be out there!

And this morning, I got this gem from McKenzie. It’s absolutely adorable, and she was so excited to give it to me! ((And to clarify, my “bad shows” are Supernatural & The Walking Dead…of course I wouldn’t let her watch those with me! Haha.))