New Design & 21 Week “Bumpdate”!

So the new blog design is here! What do you think?! I’m particularly in love with the new About section, and the addition of the photography tab on top. Again, thanks so much to my friend Kendall of KMariePhotoDesign! She was so patient with me, and I was probably a tough client. I’m so picky! Anyhow, on to the 21 week “bumpdate”!

How far along are you? 21 weeks, 2 days. Popped out a little more this week! It’s probably partially the shirt though. ;)

How big is the baby? He was 12 ounces last week at the 20 week anatomy scan.

Weight Gain? Still 7 lbs. Not complaining!

Maternity clothes? Yep. So much more cozy! I’m still loving workout clothes…but I love tunics with leggings for a more ‘put together’ look. The one pictured is from Motherhood Maternity.

Stretch marks? Tiny ones on my inner thighs. And my boobs.

Sleep: Sleep is still much improved (with the assistance of 2 Benadryl before bed…as safe as Tylenol according to my doc).

Best moment this week? Talking to Jon on Sunday (prior-servicemen get a 6 hour libo every Sunday). It’s something to look forward to for me…yay! He went and saw Iron Man 3 and ran some errands. Wish we could’ve talked longer though, he always is doing like 3 things at once. =/

Movement? Yep! It’s getting stronger & stronger. He’s always more active at night before bed though. =)

Food cravings? Pineapple, grapefruit, & squash. The Cholestasis of Pregnancy causes decreased appetite…probably why I haven’t gained weight in a couple months.

Food aversions? Meat. Yuck.

Labor signs? Nope.

Gender? BOY!

Symptoms? I threw up today. =/ I’m really

Belly button in or out? In. With McKenzie it just went flat…it was never an “outie.”

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody? I’m just upset today. Yesterday I had an appointment with a Perinatal Specialist (I will call him “Captain Depressing”), and it really left me feeling low…it was the kind of day I would’ve really liked to talk to Jon. =/ Anyhow, he said that I have to deliver at 36 weeks now (a week earlier than I was initially told), because my risk of stillbirth is higher since I’ve had the Cholestasis of Pregnancy twice as long as “normal.” Not fun to hear. Then, at my 20 week anatomy scan, they discovered that the cyst on my left ovary has grown from 5cm to 7cm. Captain Depressing told me if it causes my ovary to twist (which would apparently be excruciating and I would have severe abdominal pain right away), I would need to have surgery right away. While pregnant. NOT cool. Then, on top of all this, Captain Depressing informed me that I’m more likely to get pre-eclampsia because of the stress on my liver between the Cholestasis and the chronic liver condition I’ve had since birth. Yayyyyyyyyyyy. I know they have to give you all the “worst case scenarios,” but it was quite a downer.

What I miss: Jon! Can I say it enough? Less than 3 weeks until we see him. =)

What I am looking forward to: I have an appointment with my regular OB/Gyn on Monday, I’m curious to see what she says about Captain Depressing’s recommendations. =/

Liz @ The Lambent Life - May 14, 2013 - 6:15 pm

Oh girl :( I hope Cpt. Depressing is just giving you worst case scenarios and your OB/GYN can give you a realistic view of things. Is McKenzie getting excited to be a big sister?

Nicole | Life So Lovely - May 14, 2013 - 6:28 pm

Yeah, he was just giving worst case scenarios, but he didn’t sugar coat anything, that’s for sure! I have less than 100 days now, which is insane, because mostly I still don’t feel very pregnant. Ha, I guess that’s good? McKenzie is getting really excited! She knows he’ll arrive within a week of her birthday, so that’s her gauge for time. Some of her friends are also going to be big sisters, so it’s the “cool” thing right now, lol.