Stupid sh*t kids do. Care to share?

stupidkids0Fortunately for my parents, but unfortunately for me, I was an overly well-behaved kid. The worst thing I ever did was try to break my own leg (no joke). I thought it was cool to have a cast, so I wedged my leg under a couch and tried to break it. I was unsuccessful. Ha. Oh and once in high school once I sneaked out the car with my friends to drive around before I had my license. Still pretty tame in my opinion. I partied a little in high school, but not a lot. Basically, if my daughter is a teen like me, I will be extremely grateful.

These kids on the other hand…sniffing shit to get high? Putting vodka in your eye? Gang-bangs? Fence-plowing? Garage-jumping? Vodka soaked tampons? Their parents should be proud. Yikes. What was the worst thing you did when you were a kid?

pintofgoals - January 6, 2013 - 8:08 am

My husband and SIL were spilling the beans to their dad and stepmom about parties they threw in high school. Very timely question!
Like you I was a goodie two shoes. I drank more my freshman and sophomore year than junior and senior year (because of cheer leading). I only threw one party and it was at my cottage the summer after high school, I tp’ed people’s houses, and I assisted my friend in shoplifting in eighth grade. See? Pretty tame.